Social Media Policy | Regina Library

The Regina Library has a particular interest in growing a group of library and reading enthusiasts at Rivier University.

Our social media supports the Libraries’ and University’s missions and will comply with the Rivier University Social Media Guidelines. Posts to library social media accounts are intended to inform, engage, and sustain our community: Rivier University students, alumni, and prospective students; faculty and staff; the greater academic community around the world; and our peers at other libraries.

Our social media will:

  • Inform our community of things happening at our libraries and in the world of books and information. We are particularly committed to creating, sharing and liking posts related to:
    • services, resources, and events at the Rivier Libraries and around campus
    • books and media
    • the joy of reading
    • lifelong learning
    • the library world
  • Engage with our community and the greater academic library world, building a social community of people with a passion for libraries as well as the written and spoken word.
  • Sustain our community by connecting people and resources.