Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Regina Library! We’re glad you’re here. Read on to find the answers to many of our most frequently answered questions about our collections, databases, technology and more.

Still stumped? No worries – just ask a librarian! We’re happy to help you find the answer to your question. That’s what we’re here for!

Using the library catalog

Using the library databases

Using interlibrary loan

Using the library computers and printers

Citations and formatting

Using the library catalog

How can I find out whether the library has a particular book, DVD or other item?

You can search our library catalog by keyword, title, author or subject. From the top of the results page, click Modify Search to limit your search to a particular location, like our book collection, DVDs, e-books, streaming videos, ERC items and more. 

Does the library have my course textbook? Where can I find my course textbook?

As a general rule, the library does not purchase course textbooks. Sometimes, though, a professor will decide to use a title for their course that the library already owns. You’re welcome to check the library catalog to see if we have your course textbook in our collection.

Otherwise, check with the campus bookstore to see which books are required for your class and what your options are for purchasing or renting them. You can do a search on their website or click the View Textbook link next to your class on the university’s course schedules

How can I reserve an item or place a hold? How can I renew an item to keep it longer?

To place a hold on an item, search for it in the library catalog and click the title for more information. At the top of that page, click the check mark icon that says Request. This will ask you to log in to your library account using the last nine digits of your Rivier ID and a PIN that you create.

If you’d rather contact us by phone, email, text or chat, we’ll be happy to set it aside for you. Items will be held for 10 days before being returned to the shelf for others to borrow.

If no one else has requested an item you have checked out, you may be able to renew it and keep it longer. Log in to your library account or get in touch with us, and we may adjust the due date. See our policies page for full details, including the number of renewals available to you and which items can be renewed.

Using the library databases

What is a database?

Databases are searchable online resources that bring together articles and other information from magazines, newspapers, journals (magazines for academic and professional audiences) and reference books. Databases often gather materials on a particular subject (like business databases), from similar sources (like news databases) or in a certain field that may include many subjects (like social science databases).

How do I access the library databases?

Whether you’re on campus, at home or on the go, head to our databases page to find the best place to search for your topic – or choose RivResearch to search almost all our collections at once! You’ll be prompted to log in using your Rivier email address and password.

How should I search for my topic?

Our library databases work a little differently than your typical search engine – which gives you more options to customize your search! Rather than pasting in your whole thesis or research question, you’ll want to pick out the most important keywords. This will help the database bring back the best results for your topic.

For example, if your research question is “Is there any connection between legal drinking age and crime rates?” you could start with the keywords drinking age and crime

From there, you can make your search even stronger by using what we call Boolean searching. You might have seen this before, with the words AND or OR between words. Check out our infographic about how to put together your Boolean search to get the best results, or ask a librarian!

Using interlibrary loan

How do I request an article the library doesn’t have? What do I do if the article I want isn’t in full text?

You’ve started your research and found the perfect article. It has all of your keywords, it’s from the date range you’re looking for – you’ve struck gold! You go to open it up … and see a link that says Request through interlibrary loan. What does that mean?

Well, it’s impossible for one library to subscribe to every single journal or database in the world. But we want you to have access to as much great research as possible. That’s where our interlibrary loan service comes in! 

We automatically open up your search to all items available, even the ones that we need to request from another library. Place your request right from the database link, or enter the information manually through your ILL account. We’ll contact libraries that have access to the item, then email you with a link to your electronic PDF if it’s an article, or have the print book or DVD mailed here for you to pick up.

Does interlibrary loan cost money? How long does it take for items to arrive?

One of the best parts about RivILL is that it’s free to you as a current Rivier student! The cost is covered by your tuition. So never pay for an article that you find online – ask us, and we’ll help you track it down!

It’s important to start your research early, though – as much as we wish we could, we can’t help you get an ILL request the night before your paper is due. Expect articles to arrive within 2-7 business days and mailed materials within 14 business days.

Using the library computers and printers

Computers, printers, scanners, and copiers are available to members of the Rivier community.

What information do I need to log in to the library computers?

If you’re a current student, you’ll be asked for your Rivier username and password – the same ones you use for your university email or Canvas account. You don’t need the at the end of your username.

If you’re an alumni and no longer have access to your Rivier account, ask a library staff member about getting logged in. Once you’ve filled out our Computer Use Policy form, you’ll be signed in with a non-printing account and be able to access the databases from on campus.

How do I print at the library?

All currently enrolled Rivier students automatically receive $25 a semester for printing funds. This balance does not carry over from one semester to the next. 

When you log in to print from the library computers for the first time, you’ll see an icon on your desktop that says STUDENT PRINTERS – CLICK HERE. Double-click to open it up, then double-click on the printer you’d like to install. Any of the printers starting with RL are located in the library (see our Printer Map for locations). 

If you prefer to print from your own device, you can visit Rivier’s web print website. You must be logged in to the RIVIER Wi-Fi network to view this page.

Can I print in color, or double-sided?

All of our printers have a double-sided option that you can select when you print. Color printing is available on RL_COLOR_KONICA, located on the wall by the cafe. Additional color and black-and-white printers are located at the Educational Resource Center.

How much does it cost to print at the library?

The library printers automatically pull from your $25/semester print balance. Black-and-white printing is $0.03 per page on the energy-efficient RL_BW_KONICA machine or $0.05 per page on any of our other printers. Color printing on the RL_COLOR_KONICA machine is $0.25 per page.

You can check your balance anytime using the Rivier web print website or add print funds to your Raider Bucks by following the instructions on the Information Technology website.

How do I print multiple slides per page? How can I print a PowerPoint with space to take notes?

If you’re in PowerPoint, hit Ctrl+P or go to File → Print to see the print dialog. Choose your printer from the drop-down, then head to where it says Full Page Slides – Print 1 slide per page. There, you can select the layout you’d like, including three slides per page with room for notes. (This option is not available in the web print system. Log on to one of the library computers instead.)

Citations and formatting

While we’re happy to offer basic citation and formatting help, the staff of the Academic Support Center are the experts on campus. Visit their page to view handouts and schedule a consultation.

Where do I find citations for a library resource?

Many library databases offer automatically generated citations that you can view by clicking on the citation tools or quotation mark icon. See our Citation Help guide for examples of where you can find this feature in some of our most popular databases. 

As a reminder, you should always double-check these citations against the style guide you’re using (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) or the Academic Support Center’s handouts to make sure they’re accurate.

How do I create a hanging indent?

A hanging indent is when the second and following lines of your citation are indented, and is required for both APA and MLA style reference pages. Find instructions on the support sites for Microsoft products (Word, PowerPoint) and Google products (Docs, Slides).