Transcripts and Services

The Office of the Registrar provides a variety of services including issuing transcripts, verifying enrollment, and updating address and name changes.


The Office of the Registrar issues official transcripts, which bear the University seal and Registrar signature. The transcript fee for all official transcripts is $10 with an additional surcharge for postage.

  • Currently enrolled students can order official transcripts, as well as obtain an unofficial transcript by logging into the MyRiv account.
  • Alumni and those not currently enrolled can order a transcript here.

Electronic Delivery

Electronic transcript delivery (secure e-mail) is the University’s preferred delivery method via Parchment. Transcripts to institutions that are participating in the Parchment network will be delivered electronically. You may pay by debit or credit card.

Request in Person

You may also request a transcript in person at the Office of the Registrar on the second floor of Adrienne Hall. Please allow one business day to process your request.

Students and alumni are required to show photo identification when picking up transcripts. If a transcript is to be released to a third party, written authorization from the student or the alumnus is required. Parents can obtain their student’s transcript provided they have written authorization from the student or a signed affidavit stating that the student is their financial dependent according to IRS regulations. You may pay by cash or check in-person.

Requests for official transcripts are not processed for students with outstanding obligations to the University, financial or otherwise.

Because the University cannot safeguard the privacy of student records via fax, the University will not fax transcripts, grade reports, or other academic information.

Enrollment Verification

The Office of the Registrar provides verification of enrollment. If you received a form for this purpose, please contact us to process for you.

Rivier University has joined the National Student Loan Clearinghouse. This organization electronically processes deferment requests from lenders. If you receive a deferment form, please bring it to the Office of the Registrar and we will send it to the Clearinghouse for processing. Rivier has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verifications.

National Student Clearinghouse may be contacted at:
Phone: (703) 742-4200
Fax: (703) 742-4239

National Student Clearinghouse
13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171

Address and Name Changes

Current students can update their address through the MyRiv student portal. The Edit Address field is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Make sure to update billing, local and home address, as well as phone number. To change your name, the Office of the Registrar requires either your updated driver’s license or another legal document. You can drop off in person, email to or fax to (603) 897-8811.


Office of the Registrar