Institutional Review Board

What is the IRB Process?

There are several mandated steps to completing the IRB process. You must have completed training for research with human subjects. Training for the protection of human subjects is available through the collaborative institutional training initiative (CITI) program for Rivier students and faculty.

To facilitate the IRB application process, there is an online submission system link that will guide the researcher and facilitate the IRB’s determination of what level of review is required. Be sure to review the application before to ensure you have all the required information and documents. In order to help with that process, you can download a Word Copy of the proposal form below.

Once you have submitted your proposal title and contact information using the online link, the IRB chair will contact you. If you are a Rivier student or faculty member, you will be enrolled in the Canvas IRB course shell. More detailed information about the CITI training program and guidelines for proposals will be found in the Canvas IRB course modules section.

The Committee strives to review proposals in a timely manner. Exempt or expedited proposals are reviewed as they are received, and generally are approved within 2-3 weeks, though if revisions are required, it may take up to six weeks for approval. Proposals requiring full review must be reviewed by the full IRB Committee which meets once a month.

Meeting Schedule

IRB proposals are reviewed on a regular schedule during the academic year (September-April). Proposals meeting exempt or expedited review status may be reviewed during the summer months, all proposals that require a full review are only reviewed during the academic year when the full committee is in session.

Next Meeting Dates

  • October 22
  • November 19
  • December 17

IRB Committee Members

  • Cheryl Maykel, Ph.D., NCSP, IRB Chair | Education & Counseling
  • Joseph M. Forte, Ph.D. | Philosophy
  • Christina Griecci, Ph.D., MPH | Public Health
  • Emlee C. Kohler, PhD | Psychology
  • Melinda M. Luther, DNP, RN, CNE | Nursing
  • Sarah Phillips, M.S., MPH | Public Health
  • Christopher J. Welch, Ph.D. | Religious Studies
  • Anna Wendel, MSN, APRN, CNE | Nursing