Academic Calendar

Academic Calendars are detailed below. For your convenience, we've provided links for you to view and download these and future year calendars as well.


FALL SEmESTER 2020 september 8 – may 9
August 24 – September 4 Family Nurse Practitioner On-Campus Intensives
September 7 Labor Day – No classes
September 8 Academic Convocation
September 8 Term 1 (7-week) and 14-week Professional Studies/Online/Graduate/Doctoral classes begin
September 9 Day classes begin
September 14 Add/Drop period for Professional Studies/Online/Graduate/Doctoral classes ends at 5 p.m.)
September 15 Add/Drop period for Day classes ends at 5 p.m.
October 5 Final date to withdraw “W” from Term 1 (7-week classes)
October 5 Final day to complete “I” from Summer ’20
October 12 Columbus Day – All classes will meet.
October 20 – 26 Final Class meeting/Final Exams for Term 1 (7-week) classes
October 23 Midterm grades due for all 14-week undergraduate classes
October 28 Term 2 (7-week) classes begin
October 30 Final Grades due for Term 1 (7-week classes) at 12 p.m.
November 3 Add/Drop period for Term 2 (7-week classes) ends at 5 p.m.
November 17 Final date to withdraw “W” from 14-week classes
November 24 Final day to complete “I” from Term 1 (7-week classes)
November 24 Final date to withdraw “W” from Term 2 (7-week classes)
November 24 Face‐to‐face classes will conclude end of day, and all instruction will be delivered
remotely for the remainder of the semester from Monday, November 30 through
Friday, December 18
November 26-27 Thanksgiving – University offices closed
November 30 Intent to Graduate forms for January 2021 due
December 14 14-week classes end
December 14 – 18 Final Class meeting/Final Exams for Term 2 (7-week classes)
December 15 – 18 Final Exams for 14-week
Undergraduate/Professional Studies/Online/Graduate/Doctorate classes
December 19 Inclement weather final exams make-up day
December 22 Final grades due for all classes 12 p.m.
December 22 University offices close for Christmas Break


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