Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center provides support for students working on writing and academic tasks across the curriculum or who need focused content review in specific subjects.

The Academic Support Center offers a variety of services to help maximize your full potential. Professional consultants and peer tutors are available to help you tackle academic challenges in a supportive environment and will work with you to take your writing to the next level.

Writing Support

Our professional writing consultants are ready to help you as you work on writing assignments throughout the semester. Whether you are just getting started, feeling stuck, or struggling with grammar and documentation, our consultants can guide you through the process in a student-focused session available both in-person or remotely.

Academic Skill Support

Professional academic support consultants can help you develop and improve your skills as a student, whether you are a first-time undergraduate student or you are returning to school after years in a career. We can help you develop a plan for studying more effectively, hone your skills in note-taking or reading comprehension, discuss effective time management, and reflect on your learning process.

Content-Area Support

Peer-tutors and supplemental instruction leaders will work with you to develop an individualized study plan that works for your schedule and learning style. They will help you review class content, prepare for exams, and develop successful study strategies.

Peer tutors are available for most subjects on the undergraduate level including math, history, nursing, anatomy & physiology, chemistry, Spanish, and biology. Supplemental Instruction sessions are offered weekly throughout the academic year for anatomy & physiology.


Take advantage of workshops focused on advancing academic skills such as note-taking strategies, time management practices, and stress reduction exercises. Have an idea for a specialized workshop? Share your request with the Center today!


Academic Support Center