Library Collection Security

Lost, stolen, and missing books and other materials significantly damage the library’s ability to provide resources that are needed by students and faculty. Replacing items is expensive. Often it is impossible to purchase even recent books and periodicals at any price. When someone makes the unpleasant discovery that the item wanted is no longer in the collection, the seriousness of the problem is evident.

  • To maintain the integrity of the Rivier collection, the library has a secured entrance that will sound an alarm when sensitized materials pass through the gates.
  • If an alarm sounds when entering or exiting the library, the desk assistant will ask that items in bags or briefcases be removed for checking. Frequently books from other libraries/bookstores, and electronic items trigger the alarm.┬áLibrary staff will attempt to desensitize these items in order to prevent future instances of the alarm sounding.
  • In the instance that library items were not properly checked out, library staff will check out the items and desensitize them.
  • According to 3M, manufacturer of the library’s security system, and the FDA,┬áthe likelihood of electronic security devises interfering with implantable electronic medical devices is low. However, it is recommended that anyone with an implanted electronic medical device avoid lingering near or leaning on the library’s security system.