Test Collection Policy

Standardized English language tests in the fields of education, psychology, and business are available in the Test Collection at Regina Library.

Under the library’s written purchasing agreement with the publishers, these tests are available for review purposes only. This agreement mandates that tests be housed in a secure area, that they circulate to authorized students only and that copyright law be enforced. Faculty must submit student names to the library for authorization to use tests from this collection.

The tests in this collection are protected by Federal Copyright Laws of the United State (Title 17 U.S. Code). These materials are copyrighted and are not to be translated or reproduced in whole or in part, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, photocopying, mechanical, electronic, recording, or otherwise. Therefore, Regina Library strictly enforces its no photocopying policy where these tests are concerned. A copyright warning is prominently displayed on the tests. Permission has been granted by publishers to allow specific tests to circulate to authorized students for administrative, review or research purposes. Copies of these permissions and a list of authorized students are kept at the Circulation Desk.

Please note the library has a limited number of tests and testing materials. These guidelines have been put into place to allow equal access to all students taking test courses.

Test Collection Guidelines

  • For authorized* students, tests and manuals circulate only with validated, barcoded Rivier University ID card.
  • For authorized students, tests and manuals circulate on a first come, first served basis, no reserves.
  • Authorized students are allowed to check out a maximum of two tests at a time per test course.
  • For authorized students, the loan period for tests is four hours and can only be used in the library, no renewals. After returning a test, there is an overnight wait period before checking out the same item.
  • For students enrolled in a test course** the loan period is ten days. No reserves or renewals are allowed. After returning a test, there is an overnight wait period before checking out the same item. 
  • For faculty teaching a test course** the loan period is ten days.
  • There are a limited number of extra test manuals for some highly used tests. For all authorized students and faculty, the loan period for these test manuals is 4 hours in the library, no renewals.
  • Overdue fines: $5.00 per day, maximum $75.00
  • After 30 days overdue, tests are considered lost. Replacement costs vary.
  • Students who are not authorized may not use test materials. 
  • Faculty members must contact the Director of Graduate Programs for Education and/or the Psychology Department coordinator for authorization to access any test.

* An authorized student is one who has permission from either the Director of Graduate Program for Education or the Psychology Department Coordinator to utilize tests.

**A test course is defined as one that offers instruction on how to use various education and/or psychological tests.