Gifts and Donations

The Regina Library and the ERC may accept donated materials which support the College curriculum and conform to its general selection guidelines.

Traditionally, Regina Library and the ERC may accept donated materials which support the University curriculum and conform to its general selection guidelines.  However at this time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be accepting donated materials.  Please see this page for an updated policy statement. 

When we resume accepting donated materials, acceptance of gifts is at the discretion of the Library Assistant Director in conjunction with the Library Director. The library reserves the right to decline donations without prior consent and requires a description of any donations before they will be considered.

All gifts are final and the donor relinquishes all rights to ownership and disposition. If a donation is not suitable for the collection, the library reserves the right to dispose of the material in an appropriate manner. The library cannot support separate, named collections and will not accept restrictions on usage of donated materials. The Regina Library complies with the copyright protection of intellectual property rights and therefore cannot enter into its collections donations of recent issues of personal subscriptions. Reproductions or photocopied works will not be accepted unless compliance with the copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) is proven.

Rivier University will accept cash donations for the purchase of library materials, equipment or services and will honor the donor’s wishes regarding the nature of the purchase, provided such purchases meet the needs of the library. The library cannot appraise gift materials for tax purposes. The library will acknowledge the receipt of the material if such acknowledgment is requested. The donor is free to pursue the issue of valuation through the use of appropriate catalogs, book dealers and indices as they wish.