Department of History, Political Science, and Criminal Justice

The rapidly growing fields of criminal justice, history, law, political science, and global studies offer countless job opportunities.

Programs in the Department of History, Political Science, and Criminal Justice offer a strong hands-on experience, enhanced by field-based components. Graduates work in social studies education, forensic psychology, homeland security, juvenile justice, business, law enforcement, and a variety of other fields. You’ll find our alumni working for the FBI, National Passport Center, U.S. Customs, Department of Justice, the state of New Hampshire, and private law firms, to name a few.

Consistent with Rivier’s mission, our programs offer a broad global and historical perspective, while providing opportunities for research and analysis.

Real-World Learning

At the heart of the department and programs is a focus on real-world experiences. Students complete internships or practicums in the field, and our political science students often complete a special assignment in their area of interest, whether it’s working on a political campaign, a research project, or for a historical society or museum.

Experiences outside of the classroom help bring learning to life. The Model United Nations is an active campus group that participates in the Harvard conference in Boston every year. Meeting once a week, our students prepare for the event, researching, writing about, and discussing various global and political issues.

Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs in History, Global Studies, Criminal Justice, and Political Science prepare you for careers in the public or private sector, to teach, or to continue your studies at the graduate level.

Journeys of Transformation

Guided by a journey of self-awareness and discovery, the undergraduate Core Curriculum lays the foundation for success as you embark on your academic journey at Rivier.

Graduate Programs

Our Master's of Arts in Teaching Social Studies offers two tracks: one for current teachers seeking an advanced professional degree and one for prospective teachers seeking New Hampshire state certification.

Department of History, Political Science, and Criminal Justice