Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology prepares students with an understanding of human social relationships that are invaluable for any career path they choose as well as for advanced graduate study.

Our sociology program prepares students to impact social change through a better understanding of people, cultures, and relationships. Through their coursework and interaction with faculty, students gain a critical and comparative perspective of our own and other societies, both past and present. Through collaborative projects and initiatives, students develop a strong understanding of group dynamics.

With an emphasis on diversity issues, the sociology major and minor prepare students to work with and understand other cultures in our increasingly global society.

Careers in Diverse Industries

Graduates launch careers in diverse fields including government, business, human resources, health organizations, social work, gerontology, criminal justice, research, and more. They take on roles as:

  • Counselors and psychologists
  • Human and social services workers
  • Human resource managers and directors
  • Community activists and planners
  • Marketing and public relations personnel
  • Teachers and corporate trainers

Our alumni pursue graduate studies in sociology, anthropology, law, social work, public health, management, or any program requiring a sophisticated knowledge of society, social processes and structure.

Department of Sociology