Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

In a world driven by technology, there is an increasing demand for knowledgeable professionals in mathematics and computer science.

Our programs in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science prepares students with a solid foundation of theory and application of computing and quantitative research. Students develop a broad understanding of the social and cultural significance of mathematics and computers in our society.

Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs in Mathematics and Mathematics Education prepare students for success in graduate school, teaching, or professional positions in industry and business. Graduates are highly recruited by New Hampshire and Massachusetts schools for their teaching abilities, strong mathematics background, and curriculum development skills.

Graduate Programs

Alumni of our graduate Computer Science programs work as data and systems analysts, programmers, software developers, quality assurance professionals, network administrators, integrated systems designers, information technology managers, and more.

Hands-on Learning

With an emphasis on hands-on learning experiences, our faculty work with students to develop internship opportunities that accommodate schedules and career goals.

Our computer labs provide programming development environments for C++, Java, Perl, Scheme, and Prolog, as well as access to the Oracle database management system and other specialty software systems such as McCabe IQ.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science