The ERC is now closed as renovations will soon occur in Benoit Hall.  Books, manipulatives, kits, and games will be available at Regina Library.


The ERC collections include a variety of books available that support curriculum and lesson planning development, such as textbooks similar to what would be found in the classroom, teacher editions, and other curricular resources on various subjects.  The ERC collections also contain an assortment of picture books as well as juvenile fiction and non-fiction.

To locate a book, game, or kit in the ERC collections, search the library catalog and then use the “modify search” feature to limit results to the ERC Resource or ERC Juvenile Collection.


Manipulatives are materials that are intended for hands-on use. The ERC collections have a wide variety of manipulatives to help encourage class participation and comprehension through hands-on experiences, like blocks, language card sets, and many more.


The ERC collections also contain a variety of educational kits and games. Science kits include materials to help with demonstrating activities or “experiments,” social skills games encourage students to learn activities while having fun, and social studies kits help children to imagine what life would be like during another time in history. We have so many to explore and incorporate into your own lesson plans.

Databases & LibGuides

Research and curriculum support databases can be found on our Research Databases by Subject page.

Course and subject-specific guides on educational topics can be found on our LibGuides pages.