Campus Security

The Department of Public Safety and Security coordinates security on the campus. Department personnel have a range of education, training, and experience in law enforcement. All are dedicated to maintaining the campus as a safe and pleasant place in which to live, work, and study.

Relationship with Other Agencies

Members of the Department of Public Safety and Security serve as agents of the University and are authorized to enforce all campus policies and regulations. Although the officers do not have the power to arrest, they work closely with the Nashua Police Department to enforce all local, state and federal laws. All officers of the Rivier University Public Safety Department generate activity reports of all incidents, including local, state, and federal violations. These reports are submitted to the Director of Public Safety for review.

Crime Reporting

To report a crime or other incident you believe requires the attention of the University administration, contact the Department of Public Safety and Security. If the situation is of an urgent nature, such as a medical emergency, first contact other emergency services through the Emergency 9-1-1 System. Notification of University personnel should take place after the emergency authorities have been notified. If you’ve been the victim of a crime, do not hesitate to seek the supportive assistance of a member of the Student Affairs staff, faculty supervisor, colleague or a close friend. If a potentially dangerous situation may exist on or near the campus, the Department of Public Safety, using current notification methods, will issue an immediate warning to all campus constituencies.

Crime Prevention

Rivier University emphasizes the security and wellbeing of everyone in the campus community. Public Safety officers who have received specialized training offer various programs and services to minimize or eliminate the chance for criminal opportunities. These programs include personal security escorts, crime prevention presentations, parking lot security, and the Operation Identification program. The programs are offered year-round and are open to all community members. Students and staff are encouraged to contact the Department of Public Safety and Security for more information on these and other programs.

Building Security

Access by students, faculty, and staff to campus facilities is on a scheduled basis. The general public can attend cultural and recreational events on campus, with their access limited only to the facilities in which the events are being held. Access to the residence halls is limited to the residents and their authorized guests according to Residence Life policies.

Residence Halls

Residence hall security is a cooperative effort between the Department of Public Safety and Security and the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Members of the Office of Residence Life and Housing, who live in the residence halls and are on call 24 hours a day, receive thorough training in the enforcement of residence hall safety and security policies. Students and their guests must adhere to University procedures regarding residence hall access. Desk attendants are assigned in each of the residence halls to monitor the entrance of residents and their guests. A telephone is available at the desk to contact the Department of Public Safety and Security or members of the Residence Life and Housing staff. University employees have access to residence halls only when necessary.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Rivier University is committed to the education of its community regarding alcohol and drug use and abuse. Failure to comply with the New Hampshire State Law or Rivier University policy may result in a range of penalties including referral to a treatment program, loss of on-campus housing privileges, suspension, expulsion, termination of employment, and/or prosecution by the State of New Hampshire.

Sex Offender Registration

Any questions about registered sex offenders should be directed to Chief of Police, Nashua Police Department, 1 Panther Drive, Nashua, NH 03060. Information on New Hampshire sex offenders can also be accessed on the web.

Sexual Assault Policy

Rivier University is a community built on trust whose very existence depends on strict adherence to standards of conduct set by its members. Sexual assault is a serious, violent crime, and when it occurs at the University, it is also a flagrant violation of these standards. As such, it will not be tolerated. The complete sexual assault policy can be found on page 74 of the Student Handbook.

Sexual Harassment

As a matter of institutional policy, Rivier University will not tolerate any behavior, verbal or physical, by any member of the University community that constitutes sexual harassment of any employee or student. Violations may lead to disciplinary action, including suspension or termination.

Firearms and Weapons

The possession or use of any firearm, weapon, deadly weapon or other dangerous or flammable material is strictly forbidden on the property owned or operated by Rivier University. “Deadly Weapon” is defined as any firearm, knife, other substance or thing which, in the manner, it is used, intended to be used, or threatened to be used, is known to be capable of producing death or serious bodily injury.


Department of Public Safety and Security