Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are the heart of campus life and can be a great complement to your academic experience. Join a student organization and take advantage of endless opportunities!

Whether you’re looking for a group aligned with your major, want to find people who share your interests, or simply want to explore something new, you’re sure to make new friends and develop useful skills when you join a student club or organization.

Find Your Niche

Take advantage of countless opportunities by joining any of the following clubs:

Biology Club

A place for students of any major to come together and explore the field of biology while learning more about our community at various levels.

Campus Ministry Club

A club that promotes and supports opportunities for students to engage and explore faith at Rivier.

Clinical Science Club

An organization to provide members with scientific opportunities and resources to increase the basic knowledge of health-related disciplines.

Commuter Activities Council

An organization that provides program and networking opportunities to the Rivier commuter student population. 

Dance Team

A student-run organization whose mission is to allow students to express themselves through dance. Anyone can join the team regardless of dance experience.

Division of Business Student Association

A student organization that partners with the local community to give students the knowledge they need to become the business leaders of tomorrow.

Education Club

The mission of this club is to provide various opportunities for Rivier students to teach, mentor, and work with children of different ages, backgrounds, and skills.

History and Political Science Club

An organization to educate and increase the historical and political knowledge of Rivier students.

Rivier International Student Association (RISA)

An organization to support and educate the Rivier community about international students from India.

Model United Nations

This club works toward one goal: the annual Harvard conference in Boston. Meeting once a week, they research, write about, and discuss various countries and political issues.

Multicultural Student Organization

This organization works to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for students of all cultures and backgrounds.

Student Nurses Association

A club that serves as a resource for all nursing students and integrates academics into the co-curricular experience through study groups, planned blood drives, wellness events, and more.

Psychology Club

An organization committed to serving the needs of Behavioral Science majors, the Rivier community, and the Nashua community at large through community service, guest speakers, career planning, and other events.

Rivier Alliance

A group dedicated to providing education, resources, and outreach to members and allies of the LGBTQ community.

Campus Activities Board

An organization that plans, directs, and executes most of the activities you will see on the campus events calendar.

Student Government Association

The main responsibilities of this organization are to advocate for student needs, oversee clubs and other activities, and act as a liaison between the student body, faculty, and administration.

Writing Club

An organization to encourage and celebrate the writings of Rivier students.

Rivier has given me a lot of leadership opportunities. I feel comfortable to come out of my comfort zone and join organizations I would not have joined in high school. I held leadership positions here that I am proud of.

Put Your Ideas Into Action

Do you have an idea for a new club? Send us a proposal! Just follow these five steps:

  1. Gather five interested students to serve as club officers
  2. Decide on the major goals of your club and how they will benefit the Rivier community
  3. Draft a constitution and create a budget
  4. Recruit a Rivier University faculty or staff member to serve as a club advisor
  5. Contact the Office of Student Engagement to schedule an appointment to submit your proposal


Office of Student Engagement