Strengths-Based Well-Being: Connecting Learning and Life

Identifying and building on students individual talents supports their greatest academic and career achievements.

Strengths-Based Well-Being: Connecting Learning and Life

Committed to educating the whole person, a framework of Strengths-Based Well-Being experiences—academic, cocurricular, and extra-curricular—connects learning and life with a focus on career preparation. Rivier recognizes that each student has different talents and aspirations and strives to provide a career-relevant education supporting individual strengths and goals.

Identifying Individual Talents

Nearly 80% of first-year students struggle to articulate their talents. Guided by faculty and staff mentors, each student completes Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Talent Assessment to identify their top five talents. Understanding where their unique gifts lie builds confidence and creates a starting point for developing strengths and exploring academic and career options that best fit those strengths.

Embracing the Positive

Students gain a newfound perspective through this process. They see themselves, their futures, and others differently. An ongoing focus on the positive develops self-assurance and a greater sense of well-being. Positive psychology principles are applied throughout the entire University to create an environment where students will flourish and are encouraged to reach their greatest potential.

Pursuing a Path to Success

Gallup research has shown that students thrive when they can envision a path from their studies to their future work. Rivier has combined Academic and Career Advising to create a complementary construct where classroom learning is enhanced with real-world, career-building experiences (think internships, simulations, and leadership experiences).

Rivier Academic and Career Advisors work one-on-one with students to help them determine their career goals in light of their dreams and strengths. Together, they create a personalized, four-year career plan to optimize each student’s educational experience to reach their desired goals. The result is improved career preparation and employability.

Rivier’s strength-based education model focuses on students’ unique attributes—the characteristics that define the best in them. Concentrating on strengths versus weaknesses, we begin outlining individual plans for academic and career success with students before they set foot in a classroom.

Beyond the Classroom

Rivier’s Division of Student Affairs promotes student learning outside of the classroom by hosting cocurricular and extra-curricular programs and events. Linked to the University’s Roman Catholic tradition and core mission—transforming hearts and minds to serve the world—these activities support the education of the whole person. Student Affairs experiences offer opportunities for growth in faith, character, lifelong learning, and service to the community. Active engagement in campus life promotes responsible decision-making, physical and emotional wellness, respect for all members of the Rivier community and beyond, and appreciation of diversity.

A Promise for the Future

Rivier’s dedication to student success extends beyond graduation. The University is so confident in the value of its educational experience, we offer an Employment Promise Program to our students.

I made some of the most profound relationships in my life at Rivier. And I’m still benefiting! Having Rivier on my resume is something that employers immediately recognize. I was selected for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock nurse residency program, and the manager who interviewed me was also a Rivier graduate! Now that I’m hiring for my departments, I too favor Rivier nurses. I know that their education is well-rounded and useful in the workforce.