Registration Process

You have the unique opportunity to work together with both a faculty and an academic advisor to create a comprehensive and individualized education plan each semester.

Course Registration, Made Simple

Each semester, you’ll register based on your class status (total credits earned) as follows:

  • Seniors. Within the first week.
  • Juniors. Within the second week.
  • Sophomores. Within the third week.
  • Freshmen. Within the fourth week.

Here’s How It Works

First, an advisor will email you with priority registration dates to schedule your appointments.

Next, with the exception of nursing majors, you will meet with your faculty advisor first to select major courses and discuss progression in the major. Your faculty advisor will answer any other questions you have related to program requirements or options such as internships, concentration areas, and directed study opportunities.

Then, after your faculty advisor has reviewed and approved your major courses, you’ll make a 20-30 minute appointment with your academic advisor to:

  • register for major and core classes
  • review academic performance and your education plan
  • identify existing or potential academic or personal performance issues and recommend or refer student to campus resources and services when needed

Finally, if you would like to make a change to your schedule, you can reach out anytime during or after the priority registration period. You may also schedule a follow-up advising appointment after the priority registration period has ended, if needed.

We Can’t Wait to Meet You!

Here are some tips to prepare for your meeting with us:

  • Schedule your faculty advising appointment before scheduling your appointment with an Academic Advisor. NSG and Undeclared students only need to schedule an appointment with their Academic Advisor.
  • Don’t Forget Us! Add appointments to your personal calendar so you don’t miss the meeting.
  • Make a List. Prepare a list of courses and any questions about course requirements, interest regarding the pursuit of a minor, graduation requirements, academic difficulties, or questions about exploring a new subject area.

Make an Appointment

Schedule your faculty advising appointment before scheduling your appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Colleague Self Service Instructions

Check out our instructional video of how to schedule and register for classes using the new Colleague Self Service platform.


Office of Academic and Career Advising