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SPRING SEMESTER 2018           January 15 – May 12 


Mon-Fri               Jan 8-12                       Family Nurse Practitioner On-Campus Intensives

Monday               January 15                   Term 1 (7-week classes) begin

Monday               January 15                   Martin Luther King Day:
                                                                 All 7-week classes will meet 
                                                                 No meeting for 14-week classes

Tuesday               January 16                   14-week classes begin

Friday                   January 19                  End of Add/Drop period for Term 1
                                                                 (7-week classes)

Monday                 January 22                 End of Add/Drop period for 14-week classes

Thursday                February 1                Intent to Graduate May 12th due

Friday                     February 9                Final date to withdraw “W” from Term 1
                                                                 (7-week classes)

Friday                     February 9                Final day to complete “I” from Fall ’17

Mon-Fri                  Feb. 26-Mar 2          Final class meeting/Final Exams for Term 1
                                                                 (7-week classes)

Saturday                 March 3                    Inclement weather make up day for Term 1
                                                                 (7-week classes)

Mon-Fri                  March 5-9                Spring Vacation (14-week classes only)

Tuesday                  March 6                    Final grades due for Term 1 (7-week classes) 12:00 pm

Friday                     March 16                  MIDTERM GRADES DUE for 14-week undergraduate classes

Friday                     March 16                  Term 2 (7-week classes) begin  

Thursday                March 22                  End of Add/Drop period for Term 2
                                                                (7-week classes)  

Thursday                March 29                  Final day to complete “I” from Term 1
                                                                (7-week classes)

Thursday                March 29                  Easter Recess begins: 

                                                                No meeting for 14-week classes         

                                                                Term 2 (7 week classes) will meet

Friday                     March 30                  Good Friday: No classes

Sunday                   April 1                      Easter Sunday  

Monday                 April 2                       Classes resume

Monday                 April 2                       Final date to withdraw from a 14-week classes

Friday                    April 13                     Final date to withdraw “W” from Term 2
                                                                 (7-week classes)  

Monday                 April 30                     14-week Day classes end

Mon-Fri                 April 30-May 4          Final class meeting/Final Exams for Term 2
                                                                 (7-week classes)   

Mon-Fri                 April 30-May 4          Final Exams for 14-week
                                                                 Prof. Studies/Online/Graduate/Doctorate classes    

Tues-Fri                 May 1-4                     Final Exams for 14-week Day classes

Saturday                May 5                         Inclement weather make up day

Tuesday                 May 8                         Final grades due for all classes 12:00 pm

Saturday                May 12                       Commencement