Payment Policies

Our goal is always to make payment and refund policies and processes clear and easy to follow. If questions arise, please contact the Student Accounts office for assistance.

Tuition and fee rates, payment policies, tuition refund policies, payment due dates, and tuition hold policies may differ depending on full-time day, professional studies, graduate, Rivier Online programs, and international student status. Policies may also differ based on seven and 14-week terms. Information obtained from any other area of the University regarding these issues is not binding.

Tuition and Fees Payment Policy

Payment in full, or an acceptable payment plan in place, is expected by the semester due date. An acceptable payment plan may include financial aid, third party, and deferred payment plans. Students must complete all requirements and submit the required paperwork and electronic signatures by the payment due date. If you register after the payment due date, payment is due on the date of registration. If the student is partially registered or is planning a registration change, payment for the existing registration must still be made by the posted deadlines.

Viewing Your Student Account Ledger

Log into your Rivier account by using the Colleague Self-Service portal and selecting the “Student Finance” button.

If you are unable to log into your Self-Service account, please contact IT Support.

Housing | Room and Board Payment Policy

Room and board must be paid along with tuition and fees by the posted payment deadlines for students to be eligible to check-in to the University’s dormitories. Board may not be waived for any student and meal plans are not refundable. If the student chooses to withdraw from housing, they must contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing and fill out the necessary forms for the withdrawal to be valid. Room refunds will be calculated per the date the withdrawal form is received by the Office of Residence Life and Housing, not by the last date of residency. Refund percentages will be calculated using the same formula/dates as tuition and fees. If a student withdraws from housing or is terminated, the meal plan is turned off, and they will be held responsible for payment of the meal plan.

Add/Drop Refund and Withdrawal Policy

If after registering for courses students are unable to, or choose not to attend Rivier University, they must officially withdraw from their course(s). Official drop dates can be found on the Withdrawal & Refund Policy page. Withdrawals after the Drop/Add period (last day for 100% refund) will result in the student being liable for all or part of their charges. Please see the Registration Policies and Procedures portion of the Undergraduate/Graduate catalogs for procedures on withdrawals.

Returned/Insufficient Funds Check Policy (Protested Check)

Whenever any check, draft, or e-check issued in payment of any fee or for any purpose is returned to Rivier University, a $30 fee for the insufficient payment will be posted to the student account.

Non-Payment Policy

Students whose accounts are not paid in full by the payment due date will be placed on hold and will not be eligible to register for future courses or receive official transcripts or diplomas.

Students owing for the current or previous semesters may be subject to any or all the following actions:

  • De-registration from courses (roster spots in the original registration cannot be guaranteed upon re-registration)
  • Late payment penalty
  • 1.5% finance charge assessed monthly on unpaid balances
  • Deactivation of campus identification card, which suspends access to campus facilities and library, city bus services, etc.
  • Residence hall dismissal
  • Suspension of meal plan
  • Suspension of participation with athletic teams
  • Unpaid account balance sent to a collection agency (additional 40% legal and collections fees assessed)

Outstanding account balances may be sent to an outside collection agency. Should this occur, credit bureaus will be notified, and the student will be responsible for the outstanding balance plus all collection fees and legal fees. At this point, the student will no longer be able to make payment directly to Rivier University; they will be required to interact directly with the collection agency. All grades, transcripts, and diplomas will be withheld until the student has satisfied their balance in-full and all funds have cleared.

Please review Rivier University’s complete Student Financial Responsibility Agreement here.

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