Internships and Jobs

Internships provide valuable, real-world learning experiences. You will build your skills, your professional network, your resume, and your confidence in advance of your job search.

Internships are a key component of your Rivier education; some majors even require that you complete at least one and award you credit for the experience. All Rivier students are encouraged to intern not only for the professional development benefits, but also for the advantages afforded you during your job search.

According to Forbes magazine, “… 63% of college graduates who completed a paid internship received a job offer, compared to 35% who never interned. In addition, graduates with paid internships received a starting salary that was 28% higher than their peers without internship experience.”

Additionally, internships let you “test drive” different working environments and job types. An internship can confirm a career path for you or provide insight on what you don’t want to do after graduation and set you on a more desirable path.

Resources to Get You Started

Rivier partners with local and national companies that are searching for talented college students and graduates to join their organizations. The Office of Career and Life Success assists students in finding and securing internship opportunities and job openings. Many Rivier interns have received offers for permanent employment during or after their internship experience.

"My internship with the Hudson Police Department was the turning point to my future," says Tyler Tambouris, Class of 2018. Tyler attended the police academy right after graduation and was hired by Hudson PD shortly thereafter.


Office of Career and Life Success