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Prepare to be a leader in the community with a B.A. in Education and Community Leadership.

Why Study Education and Community Leadership at Rivier?

Every organization and community benefits from effective leadership. Our Education and Community Leadership program will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to become an effective leader in community organizations.

Through a broad-based series of courses, you will gain a greater understanding of how organizations sustain themselves through effective leadership, sound financial management, effective hiring and staff evaluation practices, a constant focus on mission, and the flexibility to adapt to changing market forces.

In this program you will:

  • Become an effective educator and communicator
  • Gain industry-specific knowledge that will prepare you to enter in-demand professions
  • Enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Fall 2024 Grants – Incoming Education majors are eligible for an Education Innovation Grant. First-time, first-year students will be awarded a $3,000 grant each year, renewable for four years for a total of $12,000 in financial support, in addition to a competitive financial aid package. This grant award supports students pursuing degrees in education.

Get Ready for the World

As an Education and Community Leadership major, you will participate in field experiences designed to provide opportunities to gain an awareness of how organizations work. You will also have the opportunity to conduct an internship at a variety of sites that match your career goals. You’ll gain resume-building experience and the opportunity to build your professional network ahead of graduation.

On-campus clubs and organizations offer leadership and co-curricular opportunities to enhance your overall education. You can also take advantage of opportunities to study abroad and participate in faculty-led teaching trips that will supplement your classroom learning.

As an intern, I create and coordinate events aimed at improving early childhood success. My internship has helped me make connections in the community and given me insight into new potential careers.

Where Will Your Degree Take You?

You’ll learn foundational skills you can apply to a variety of leadership roles in community organizations.


  • Child care center directors/owners
  • Non-profit organization leaders
  • State and federal agency professionals
  • Preschool administrators/owners
  • Before- and after-school program directors

Graduate Studies

Alumni of our Education and Community Leadership program are well positioned to pursue graduate studies in communications, education, business, and other fields.

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Hands-On Learning

Get access to real-world practitioners and secure internships that match your skills and interests to build the career of your dreams.


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Prepare for a rewarding career with the B.A. in Education and Community Leadership.