Teach or Volunteer

RISE is made possible by the commitment of the many facilitators and volunteers who lead courses and activities each year.

RISE facilitators, volunteers, and the RISE Coordinator work together to organize and run RISE. Their personal and professional expertise enhances the learning experience.

Facilitate a Course

RISE provides facilitators an opportunity to engage RISE members, who are devoted to lifelong learning. Courses at RISE are as varied as the individuals who teach them.

Facilitators offer their expertise, while encouraging the exchange of ideas, information, and opinions. Some facilitators are experienced educators; others are people with a passion for and knowledge of a specific subject.

You can facilitate an in-person or Zoom course, either by serving as a volunteer or receiving an honorarium. RISE Facilitators can also take RISE courses at no cost.

Are you interested in becoming a RISE facilitator? Do you have an idea for a course? Do you know someone who might be interested in facilitating a RISE course? Check out our “Facilitating a RISE Course” information sheet and then contact us at (603) 897-8623.

Our Volunteers Bring RISE to Life

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and share your knowledge and expertise. You can choose to:

  • Join a RISE Standing Committee | RISE welcomes volunteers to serve on the Curriculum Committee, the Membership Committee, and the Technology Support Committee. Each committee meets twice during each RISE Term for a total of four meetings per year.
    • The Curriculum Committee recommends the courses and facilitators for each term and supports course facilitators.
    • The Membership Committee welcomes new RISE members and plans special events and social gatherings.
    • The Technology Support Committee creates training documents to support the needs of facilitators who present on-campus or Zoom classes.
  • Become a Member-at-Large of the RISE Council | Members-at-Large serve as links between RISE members and the RISE Council by answering members’ questions and concerns, distributing information, and helping to promote RISE at special events and functions. There are four RISE Council meetings per year.
  • Lead or participate in a Special Interest Group | Special Interest Groups take topics beyond the classroom for further exploration. They can choose to meet when RISE is not in session, offering connection with other RISE members throughout the year.

Please e-mail RISE if interested – we would love to hear from you!


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