Teach or Volunteer

RISE is made possible by the commitment of the many facilitators and volunteers who lead courses and activities each year.

RISE volunteers are instrumental in organizing and running the program. Their personal and professional expertise enhances the learning experience.

Our Volunteers Bring RISE to Life

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and share your knowledge and expertise. Members facilitate classes, act as greeters, serve on various committees, and provide additional administrative support to the RISE Office.

Facilitate a Course

RISE provides facilitators an opportunity to intellectually engage adult learners with a passion for learning. Our facilitators offer course structure and guidance, while also encouraging the exchange of ideas, information, and opinions.

Members of RISE and the local community can facilitate a course and are provided with a $130 honorarium per course. Courses at RISE are as varied as the individuals who teach them. Facilitators draw upon their life studies, expertise, and interests to create courses that are stimulating and informational.

Volunteer as a Class Greeter

Our class greeters are present at the start of the class to welcome members, take attendance, communicate announcements and information, and provide support for course facilitators.

If you are interested in facilitating a course or volunteering to serve as a class greeter, please contact us at (603) 897-8623 or rise@rivier.edu.

Please note:

  • RISE reserves the right to select or reject courses based on the needs of the program and interests of its members.
  • Business may not be promoted nor personal agendas furthered during any RISE session.
  • All facilitators who teach a class involving sports, exercise, or other physically-related activities need to be certified. Proof of certification is required when submitting the Course Proposal.


Rivier Institute for Senior Education