Teach or Volunteer

RISE is made possible by the commitment of the many facilitators and volunteers who lead courses and activities each year.

RISE volunteers are instrumental in organizing and running the program. Their personal and professional expertise enhances the learning experience.

Facilitate a Course

RISE provides facilitators an opportunity to intellectually engage adult learners with a passion for learning. Our facilitators offer course structure and guidance, while also encouraging the exchange of ideas, information, and opinions.

Members of RISE and the local community can facilitate a course and with the option of receiving one honorarium per course. Courses at RISE are as varied as the individuals who teach them. Facilitators draw upon their life studies, expertise, and interests to create courses that are stimulating and informational.

Our Volunteers Bring RISE to Life

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and share your knowledge and expertise. Members facilitate classes, act as greeters, serve on various committees, and provide additional administrative support to the RISE Office.

  • Become a Facilitator | Whether a retired education professional or an enthusiast about a particular subject, share your expertise with the RISE membership. Stimulating curriculum is the heart and soul of RISE!
  • Act as a Classroom Greeter | Help the course facilitator by taking attendance, coordinating handouts, and making special announcements.
  • Join a RISE Standing Committee | RISE welcomes volunteers to serve on various committees; meetings occur every few months.
  • Take part in or start a Special Interest Group | Special Interest Groups take topics beyond the classroom for further exploration.
  • Write for DAWN: The RISE Literary Journal | Written, edited, and published by RISE members. If you love to write, this is the place for you!
  • Become a Member-at-Large | These members serve as links between membership and the RISE Council by answering members’ questions and concerns, distributing information, and helping promote RISE at special events and functions. Attend four RISE Council meetings per year.
  • Volunteer in the Nursing Simulation Lab | Help Rivier Nursing students and practitioners learn by acting as a “patient” for them.
  • Email RISE if interested, we would love to hear from you!


Rivier Institute for Senior Education