Types of Marketing Specializations

Marketing is any type of activity where a company seeks to sell products or services to consumers.

Marketing careers involve advertising, selling and delivering products and services to customers. When a company participates in marketing activities, it constantly seeks to gain consumers’ attention. The goal is to entice customers through packaging design, slogans, endorsements and exposure to media.

Earning a business degree can lead to a wide array of careers. Whether you enjoy speaking with the public or prefer a more behind-the-scenes approach, there are different types of marketing jobs that fit various kinds of personalities and interests.

Do you enjoy personal interactions with the public? You might consider direct marketing. This particular marketing field involves directly interacting with customers through telemarketing, mail, email or other forms of online interaction.

Maybe you possess strong writing skills. If so, you may wish to become a content marketer. Content marketing involves creating and distributing interesting and relevant content to a specifically chosen group of customers in hopes of encouraging them to act. Content marketers create blog posts, online articles and infographics for their readers. Their mission is to intrigue current readers and find new ones who are interested in what they have to say.

Writing skills are also extremely helpful in an email marketing position. Email marketers use email to share their advertising messages with customers. This particular facet of marketing is considered one of the most effective and least expensive advertising methods since most adults in the United States have their own email accounts. Email allows marketers to send targeted messages to their customers, a marked contrast to radio and TV advertisements that are broadcast to a wide range of consumers. Email advertisements may rely on complex multimedia messages or be as simple as a brief message.

Do you possess strong math and analytical skills? Consider using your marketing degree to become a market researcher, forecasting sales of products or services by studying market conditions. Market researchers help companies to understand the products consumers want, to identify which consumers will buy the product and to determine how much those consumers are willing to pay. Market researchers determine if marketing strategies and programs are effective. They gather data on competitors, consumers and market conditions, and convert that information into charts and graphs that are easily understandable. They then share the results with clients and management.

Are you an expert user of social media? Do you know your way around X, Facebook and LinkedIn? Consider using your marketing degree to become a social media marketer. Social media marketers organize marketing plans that utilize social media. They develop online content that captures the interest of customers and share the content with other social media outlets. It’s important that a social media marketer cultivates relationships with online bloggers and other online sources.

When you earn a degree in business, you aren’t limited to just one type of job. In fact, as you gain more experience, you may advance to other positions such as a marketing manager, sales manager or a job in public relations. A business degree provides graduates with interesting work opportunities and varied experiences. If you enjoy using persuasive communication skills to influence people’s opinions about products and services, consider earning an MBA with a concentration in Marketing.

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