RN Resume Guide

Whether you’re a recent nursing school graduate eager to begin your career, or an experienced nurse looking for a new professional opportunity, constructing a proper resume is the first step on your journey to success.

An RN resume that reflects your unique skills and personal experience is the key to standing out to employers, making a lasting impression during interviews, and ultimately landing your dream nursing job.

How to Build an RN Resume

A resume serves as a candidate’s introduction to an employer. And because many employers review multiple resumes while searching for the right person to hire, it’s imperative that your resume stands out above the rest.

Present your expertise by detailing your education, nursing license, certifications, special skills, and recognitions. Intrigue employers with a example of what you can offer the establishment through concise, relevant information. And while keeping information straight-forward and precise is a key factor in creating a proper RN resume, there are several ways to stay organized and on track to attract employers.

RN Resume Tips and Examples

Include the proper contact information.

While your name, address and contact information should be the first pieces of information listed on your RN resume, you should also include information regarding your online presence, if it pertains to your nursing career. Include your LinkedIn profile, along with links to any nursing-specific blogs or vlogs you’ve created.

Know when to use a resume summary vs. an objective statement.

Seasoned nurses with several years of experience in the field will benefit from using a resume summary, as it will feature achievements and professional capabilities. Recent nursing graduates and nurses who are applying for new nursing positions should use an objective statement to identify their specific career goals.

Always list license and certification details, education, and experience in the correct format.

Organization is key when it comes to keeping employers engaged while reviewing your RN resume. A reverse-chronological format highlights your work experience and the highest degree of education first, while also providing necessary license and certification information.

Use specific details when including work experience.

While keeping your resume concise, be sure to provide clear-cut information about your previous work experience. List specific details of your professional history, including the exact names of facilities and units, any machinery and technical programs you’ve used, unique skills, and the types of patients for whom you’ve provided care.

Emphasize your awards and affiliations.
Once you’ve listed the details of your education and experience, add additional information about awards you’ve earned and your affiliations with professional associations. Demonstrate your value and intrigue employers with a list of your distinguished accomplishments and contributions.

RN Resume Template

It’s important to utilize the proper language style and visual details when creating your RN resume. Depending on the extent of your experience and the details you provide, there are several different layout options from which you may benefit. The following are resources that provide layout templates to aid in your resume development.

This resource offers a collection of example resumes that can be referenced for several nursing careers. Whether you’re looking for a position as an entry-level nursing assistant, a nurse trainer, an LPN, or a variety of other roles, this resource has you covered. You can also use the site to discover and apply to available nursing positions in your area.
Ideal for recent nursing school graduates creating their first RN resumes, this resource takes a step-by-step approach to guiding its users through the process. explains why and how you should include information on your resume, in addition to discussing the different methods employers use to select applicants. Regardless of the nursing career for which you’re applying, this resource will help you prepare a resume employers will remember.

Resume Genius
While offering sample resumes for three different levels of nursing careers, this resource features specific information on the layouts, writing styles, and personal information that best support RN resumes. Provided by professional nursing recruiters, the information found throughout this site is constructed to answer the questions frequently asked by nurses during the resume development process.

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