Future Tech Trends And How They Will Influence IT Managers

Every year, the “next big thing” in technology is introduced and all sorts of forecasts about its impact on the future are published. But the following tech trends have withstood the test of time and worth and are here to stay. So how might these trends change the way IT managers work in the future?

Artificial Intelligence

The amount of data that humans produce and will continue to produce is massive. Machines that can learn and create their own organizational algorithms will be essential to tech work in the future. Luckily, this might mean less tedious work for IT managers.

Only 15% of businesses today use AI, but 31% say they plan to implement AI sometime in 2018. (1)


Percentage of business leaders who believe that AI will be an advantage in the future (1)


Percentage of consumers who are, often unknowingly, using AI-powered services or devices (1)

3-D Printing

All manufacturers are looking to lower costs and increase production. 3-D printing is a way to do both. In the future, tools that tech workers use may even be created with a 3-D printer.

In the future, 3-D printing will be used to create: (2)

  • Artificial organs for transplant
  • Complex weaponry
  • Nano-robots for surgery
  • Prototypes for new technology
  • Clothes and jewelry
  • Tools and electronics


Percentage of businesses that use 3-D printing that consider it a competitive advantage (3)

Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality (VR), as seen in some video game platforms, involves operating in an entirely fictional space. However Mixed Reality (MR), or Augmented Reality (AR), involves the real world with elements of the virtual or digital world atop it. MR could be used for training, online shopping or communication using holograms.

100 million

The expected number of consumers who will use augmented reality to shop online by 2020 (4)

Augmented reality glasses are forecasted to reach 5.4 million units shipped by 2020. (5)

The AR gaming market is expected to reach $284.93 billion by 2023. (5)

According to a recent survey of consumers, many believe that in the future AR will… (5)

  • … help them learn new skills                   69%
  • … make shopping easier                           62%
  • … offer healthcare benefits                     62%


Blockchain, the technology that powers the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, may be used in the future to track important ledgers, contracts or other documents between businesses and consumers. More IT managers will have to become fluent in this technology.


Percentage of the world’s population that uses blockchain. This number will continue to grow, as the technology is in its infancy. (3)

The entire cryptocurrency market grew from $16 billion to $600 billion in 2017 alone. (6)


Percentage of major banks in North America and Europe that are exploring blockchain solutions (3)

Robotics and Automation

In the future, IT managers may be dealing with fewer human beings, as many jobs will be automated.

1.4 million

Number of new industrial robots that will be installed in factories worldwide by 2019 (7)

Top industries that will see more industrial robots include: (8)

  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Metal
  • Chemical, rubber and plastics
  • Food