B.S. in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

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Learn to examine and address security and emergency management issues to prepare for leadership roles in today's global environment.

Why Study Homeland Security and Emergency Management at Rivier?

Globalization and national disasters have posed exponential challenges to world peace, security, and the stability of communities, transcending any defined nation or state boundary. Our Homeland Security and Emergency Management program prepares the next generation of national, regional, and local leaders with an understanding of global development within our own country and throughout the world.

This interdisciplinary degree will prepare you to:

  • Examine and analyze security issues and policy responses in our ever-changing world
  • Identify and assess emerging transnational threats including terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, regional and ethnic conflicts, and international crime
  • Assess hazards and prepare plans to respond to emergencies and disasters
  • Gain multicultural competencies to better understand a nation’s history, culture, and values
  • Understand a nation’s agenda and comprehend the security implications of a globalized economy

 Fall 2024 Grants – Incoming Homeland Security and Emergency Management majors are eligible for a Security Innovation Grant. First-time, first-year students will be awarded a $3,000 grant each year, renewable for four years for a total of $12,000 in financial support, in addition to a competitive financial aid package. This grant award supports students pursuing degrees in security studies.

Watch the video to learn more about the education of Homeland Security and Emergency Management students at Rivier University!

Taught by industry experts, coursework includes area studies (research and scholarship on geographical, national/federal, or cultural regions), strategic intelligence analysis methods, and geographic information systems (GIS). You will also explore homeland security, vulnerabilities and threats, crisis management, recovery and resiliency, espionage, and computer/cybersecurity.

Experience the World

Internships with government and defense agencies, service organizations, and more, will provide you with resume-building experience and prepare you for entry into a variety of professional fields.

Through international partnerships, you will have the opportunity to examine global security issues and threats, including terrorism, emergency management, regional and ethnic conflicts, international crime, and air and sea piracy, from an international perspective.  Students are encouraged to further enhance their education and skillset through foreign language study and international immersion experiences. Study abroad and international travel will supplement your courses, providing real-world learning and immersion opportunities that will bring classroom learning to life.

In addition to international travel, you’ll find global engagement opportunities right here on our campus in Nashua. From diverse speakers and networking opportunities to participate in student organizations such as the Model United Nations, you’ll enjoy a wide range of educational experiences that will broaden your worldview.

Learn in Leading-Edge Facilities

Rivier’s Cybersecurity Labs were built in 2022 as part of a complete renovation of the Business and Security Studies educational and administrative spaces. The facility includes cybersecurity labs that mirror a professional security operations center, collaboration spaces, a technology hub, and office suites.

These modern spaces align with Rivier’s focus on experiential learning; they provide students with the opportunity to learn in environments similar to the real-world labs and offices where they’ll work in their first professional positions. Engaging with advanced technologies and working collaboratively instills confidence and prepares students for greater success when they enter the workforce. 

We have amazing students that come from all walks of life. I work with them on employment opportunities, because I owe my students better than just teaching in the classroom. I'm here to help them develop and become productive citizens in our communities.

Where Will Your Degree Take You?

The B.S. in Homeland Security and Emergency Management will prepare you for positions in national and international security as well as global leadership roles.


  • Law enforcement officers
  • Intelligence analysts
  • FBI, CIA, and other federal agents
  • Border patrol agents
  • Emergency management specialists
  • Anti-terrorism specialists
  • Public policy coordinators
  • Emergency services directors

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