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Whether it is business, law, education, medicine, government, or academia, our B.A. in Mathematics will prepare you for the career of your choice in nearly any field.

Why Study Mathematics at Rivier?

B.A. in Mathematics students develop the problem-solving, quantitative, and analytical skills that are critical for 21st-century employment and leadership. Advancements in science and technology, data capture, and modeling have increased the demand for math majors in nearly every industry.

In the B.A. in Mathematics program, you will:

  • Gain critical problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Be prepared to adapt to our increasingly complex, data-driven world
  • Develop computational fluency and mathematical logic

You can broaden your learning experience by complementing your mathematics major with study in another discipline such as business, education, or science. Additionally, you’ll be well prepared for graduate studies in Rivier’s MBA 4+1 program, M.A. in Teaching Mathematics, and M.S. in Computer Science programs.

Experience the World

In addition to co-curricular experiences, you will have the opportunity to participate in internships and service-learning projects that will take you out of the classroom and into the world. Students are encouraged to participate in study abroad opportunities ranging from faculty-led, week-long study tours to a full semester spent at a university abroad. You will gain real-world, resume-building experiences, and begin to develop your professional network.

I include group discovery and problem-solving activities in all of my classes. Dynamic computer labs, physical manipulatives, and open-ended problems are tools I use to help students understand the concepts and develop skills they will use in the workplace.

Where Will Your Degree Take You?

The B.A. in Mathematics will open doors to a variety of careers.

Job Roles

  • Mathematicians, actuaries, and statisticians
  • Computer and systems analysts
  • Underwriters
  • Financial planners and advisors
  • Math teachers
  • Cryptologists
  • Meteorologists
  • Teachers


  • Business management and operations analysis
  • Insurance and risk assessment
  • Financial consulting and investments
  • Education and academia
  • Computer scientists
  • Government security and research
  • Transportation network design and analysis

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Prepare for a variety of analytical careers with a B.A. in Mathematics.