Kyle Flanagan

Kyle Flanagan, Class of 2019, is making a run in the big leagues as a Baseball Information Assistant with the Detroit Tigers.

Destined for the Diamond

As a young boy, Kyle Flanagan dreamed of a career in Major League Baseball. He knew it would take a lot of hard work and determination, but believed he was destined to reach the diamond. “I love everything there is about the game,” he says. “And being able to use what I learned during my time at Rivier to pursue this career is a dream come true.” Kyle is the Baseball Information Assistant with the Detroit Tigers. His work supports player development and the franchise’s goal of winning the World Series. “If I can participate within the perspective of baseball operations to achieve the ultimate goal for our franchise, I’ll know that my actions have contributed to a bigger picture.”

Making an Impact

As the team’s Information Assistant assigned with the Minor League’s West Michigan Whitecaps, Kyle spends his days working with the players, coaches, and staff to aid in the day-to-day development practices within the ball club. He shares, “What drives me in my career is the ability to make an impact and maintain success for the team year after year.” Kyle isn’t only focused on the team’s future, but also his own. He says he has a long road ahead of him, but he’s gaining the skills now that will take him far. “Gaining further experience within the aspects of baseball operations, will only enhance my knowledge and potential,” says Kyle. “Each experience I encounter with the Tigers will benefit me in the long run as I work to reach my career goals.”

Maintaining Mental Toughness

This is only the beginning for Kyle. He aspires to one day be a Director of Scouting for a major league team, and eventually be able to run an organization’s entire baseball operation. “To be able to touch, understand, and lead each facet of a ball club is what I wish to achieve in my career,” he shares. Kyle says baseball is an ever-evolving sport and to keep up, he has to have the right attitude. “With the game changing at the accelerated pace it is, a mindset of constant improvement, innovation, and learning will allow me to be a successful leader in any organization.”

Student of the Game

As Kyle reflects on his time at Rivier, he remembers the lessons, experiences, and campus culture that molded him into a lifetime learner. “Over my years at the University, I progressed as a student,” shares Kyle. “This allowed me to be a ‘student of the game.’ I learn something new every day in my job, even if it’s a small lesson, it shapes who I am as a professional.” So, what advice does Kyle have for future Rivier alumni? “Broaden your perspectives and get after it! If you apply yourself with the right mindset, set realistic expectations, and surround yourself with the right people, you’ll go far in whatever you plan to accomplish.”