Alumni Stories

Alumni across the country and around the globe are transforming hearts and minds to serve the world. We are proud to share their stories.

Achieving Her Dream

When Rebeca Cruz, Class of 2019, found out about Project Achieve nursing scholarships, she realized her dream of becoming a pediatric nurse was within reach.

From Front of the Classroom to Head of the School

Dr. Lisa Dias, Class of 2016G, has devoted her career to education, and, along the way, she continued her own academic journey.

Building a Career at NASA

Kevin Gill, Class of 2011G, wanted to advance his software engineering career. Earning his master’s degree at Rivier prepared him for an out-of-this-world experience.

Sharing His Past to Help Their Future

Barry Pietrantonio, Class of 2017G, made a journey on a long road to sobriety and it inspired a career change. He earned a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Rivier and now co-owns a counseling and recovery center.

Waging a Battle Against Cancer

Yvonne Sun, Class of 2006, spends her days pouring over paperwork. Not sales reports or stock projections, but test reports and compliance materials that will bring new technologies, treatments, and hope to cancer patients.

Discovering a Passion for Neuroscience

Jake Valeri, Class of 2019, had an interest in social work and human services in high school. His desire for an affordable college where he could study psychology led him to Rivier University. He found what he was looking for, and then some.

From Start-Up to Finish

A demanding job led Keri Suslovitch, Class of 2020, to put her education on hold. Learn how this tech company co-founder also found herself when she returned to Rivier to finish her degree.