Six In-Demand IT Skills

Employers seek a number of skills in their information technology professionals. The following six in-demand IT skills highlight the areas aspiring IT professionals should focus on.


While IT architecture is a fundamental skill for most IT professionals, many have not moved past the basics. The whole of IT architecture centers on designing and delivering technology strategy. In other words, it encompasses IT specifications, models, guidelines and other related features. Those with this type of experience typically move toward a more managerial role within the IT industry because understanding the details of business technology and having business-savvy knowledge are key in communicating with employees and executives.

Big data experience

Companies are looking for people who understand how to manage and package large amounts of data in a way that makes sense to the executives in the company. Understanding how to take data and manipulate it into a form that will push through the “tech terms” and be useful to the general population is a much-desired skill.

Business analytics

While some may believe IT is all about handing the day-to-day tech issues within a company, more progressive businesses are searching for IT professionals who understand their business needs. An individual who is skilled in business analytics can bridge the gap between IT and business executives, helping executives recognize current and future technology constraints.

Database administration

Due to interest in big data and analytics, demand for those who understand database administration is high. Along with knowing how to manage and interpret data, companies expect prospective employees to know data reporting tools and technologies such as Oracle, SQL, DB2 and Hadoop. Raw data is being utilized more and more to help make business decisions. Companies need employees who can help them gather, analyze, manage and sort the data into a more usable and valuable form.

Mobile engineering

As mobile technology continues to develop, IT professionals who know how to create, update and improve software and applications for mobile devices will stay in high demand. Those in mobile development who understand how to work with multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) stand to gain the most interest from employers.

Programming and application development

Programmers and developers are in higher demand than ever. The majority of modern technology can’t function without code; it’s required for mobile devices, PCs, applications, computer software, computer chips in cars and other devices used on a daily basis.

Advancing Your Career in IT

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