RN Salary Guide by State

Knowing the average RN salary can be helpful when you’re looking for a nursing job. Since nursing salaries can vary from state to state, understanding which states have the highest earning potential allows you to more effectively choose where you want to practice.

This guide provides you the tools you need to learn what the average RN salary is nationwide, as well as on a state-by-state basis.

Salaries for Registered Nurses

The median annual salary for registered nurses is $77,600 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This can vary considerably based on what field or specialty of nursing you focus on, as well as by geography. The highest 10 percent of nursing salaries are above $120,250, while the lowest 10 percent are less than $59,450. The salaries of nurses working in hospitals or for the government tend to be above the national median, while nurses who work in residential care facilities or physicians’ offices earn salaries below the national median.

Experience is also a significant factor in RN salary. According to PayScale, starting salaries for nurses are usually around $5,000 lower than the median salary for RNs.

Nursing careers are growing much more quickly than other careers in the United States. According to the BLS, employment of RNs is expected to grow 6 percent by 2031.

RN Salary Guide by State

Knowing the average RN salary in your state can help you better assess job opportunities. The highest nursing salaries in the United States can be found in California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Oregon. The mean salary in New Hampshire, the location of Rivier University, is $78,270. Vermont and Maine both have similar mean salaries, at $75,160 and $73,630 respectively, but the mean salary in nearby Massachusetts is $96,630.

Data in this map, as well as in the breakdown below, is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

RN Salary: The Breakdown

The map above can help you determine what the RN salary is in your state or surrounding states. It’s a useful visual representation of the data in the table below. This table can be helpful for quickly finding the annual mean salary in a particular state, as well as easily comparing the salaries in different states.

State Annual Mean Sala1ry
Alabama $61,920
Alaska $97,230
Arizona $81,600
Arkansas $65,810
California $124,000
Colorado $70,550
Colorado $80,670
Connecticut $88,530
Delaware $77,760
Florida $72,000
Georgia $75,380
Hawaii $106,530
Idaho $73,640
Illinois $78,260
Indiana $68,890
Iowa $64,990
Kansas $66,560
Kentucky $67,260
Louisiana $70,380
Maine $73,630
Maryland $82,660
Massachusetts $96,630
Michigan $75,930
Minnesota $84,030
Mississippi $63,130
Missouri $67,790
Montana $73,610
Nebraska $69,850
Nevada $88,800
New Hampshire $78,270
New Jersey $89,690
New Mexico $77,590
New York $93,320
North Carolina $71,200
North Dakota $71,200
Ohio $71,640
Oklahoma $68,180
Oregon $98,630
Pennsylvania $76,000
Rhode Island $85,270
South Carolina $69,580
South Dakota $60,540
Tennessee $66,680
Texas $79,120
Utah $72,790
Vermont $75,160
Virginia $76,680
Washington $95,350
West Virginia $67,640
Wisconsin $76,850
Wyoming $73,130

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