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Fast track your career with Rivier’s B.A. in Mathematics/M.S. in Computer Science 4+1 program.

Why Study Math and Computer Science at Rivier?

The combination of Math and Computer Science degrees offers you the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of mathematical reasoning and computing. In just five years of study, you’ll earn both your undergraduate and master’s degrees, providing the foundation for a successful career in a variety of dynamic industries and increasing your earning potential.

Mathematics is fundamental to computing, and advanced computing skills provide you with a significant advantage in solving mathematical problems. Together, the disciplines connect practice and theory and enable you to tackle complex, large-scale projects in any industry.

The B.A. in Mathematics features courses in mathematics, physics, and elective internships and computer science classes. You’ll gain knowledge and skills to apply mathematical concepts, methods, functions and models to solve real-world problems; write mathematical proofs; and learn to communicate mathematical ideas in a clear and competent manner. Through the M.S. in Computer Science coursework, you’ll develop advanced computing skills and the ability to apply those skills to solve critical business and research issues. Small classes with personal attention from faculty help you develop strong skills and relationships that can last a lifetime.

In this 4+1 Math and Computer Science program, you will:

  • Gain critical problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Be prepared to adapt to our increasingly complex, data-driven world
  • Develop computational fluency and mathematical logic
  • Study the ethical issues associated with technology challenges
  • Master theory and application of computing and quantitative research
  • Advance your information literacy, intercultural knowledge, and understanding of the effects of technology on society
  • Sharpen your critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills

Get Ready for the World

In today’s data-driven society, employers value professionals with strong quantitative and analytical skills. Coursework, internships, and extracurricular activities enable you to better prepare for your career interests and goals. You’ll have opportunities to study abroad, ranging from faculty-led, week-long study tours to a full semester spent at a university in another country. Outside of the classroom, you can sharpen your skills by joining the Gaming League, the Business Student Association, or the Student Government Association.

I include group discovery and problem-solving activities in all of my classes. Dynamic computer labs, physical manipulatives, and open-ended problems are tools I use to help students understand the concepts and develop skills they will use in the workplace.

Graduate Studies

Rivier’s traditional M.S. in Computer Science degree is a 36-credit program. However, if you enroll within one year after completing the B.A. in Mathematics, you will be considered for the 30-credit master’s program.

To be eligible for the one-year Computer Science graduate degree, you must:

  • Complete your bachelor’s degree prior to entering your fifth year
  • Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 before your senior year
  • Submit all required graduate application materials for the one-year Master of Science degree in your senior year

Where Will Your Degrees Take You?

Rivier’s 4+1 program offers you a wide range of career and advancement opportunities.


  • Mathematician, actuary, and statistician
  • Computer and systems analyst
  • Underwriter, financial planner, and advisor
  • Air traffic controller
  • Applications and robotics programmer
  • Urban planner
  • Software developer
  • Computer network architect
  • Network and system administrator
  • Chief information officer

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Fast track your career with Rivier’s B.A. in Mathematics/M.S. in Computer Science 4+1 degree program.