Projects Excel and Elevate

Altiora et Meliora ... it's our Latin motto, and it translates to Higher and Better. Rivier has transformed hearts and minds to serve the world for more than 85 years and has made a difference in the lives of thousands of graduates. We are proud of the work we have done throughout the past eight decades, but we know there is more we can do.

Together, we can reach higher and better.

Following the opening of the Science and Innovation Center in September, Rivier’s commitment to the renewal of learning spaces continues with plans to renovate Sylvia Trottier Hall, home to the Division of Nursing and Health Professions, the Division of Business and Security Studies, and Information Technology Services.

A $1 million donation to create the Nursing Simulation and Clinical Education Center serves as the catalyst for the next phase of technology and learning. Project Excel, focusing on nursing simulation, and Project Elevate with its focus on business and security programs, will ensure Rivier students will be workplace ready through the use of technology and experiential learning.

The 30,000 square-foot renovation will incorporate many elements of a professional environment that students will meet in their future workspaces. Investment in the facility’s infrastructure, aesthetics, and technology will foster next-level learning for our nursing, business, and security studies students.

The transformation of Sylvia Trottier Hall began in June and will continue through August 2022. View project renderings below.

Project Excel

The hallmark of Project Excel will be the creation of the Nursing Simulation and Clinical Education Center with completely renovated teaching labs for nursing fundamentals, clinical assessment, community nursing, and telehealth simulation. The Center will be housed on the second level of Sylvia Trottier Hall and will include six simulation labs and assessment areas, two classrooms, a lecture hall, a suite of nursing administrative and faculty offices, and several areas for faculty-student interaction.

The new entrance has been designed as a place of welcome and interdisciplinary collaboration. Simulation labs will mirror the settings in which nurses most often provide care: medical/surgical and pediatric/neonatal hospital rooms, an obstetrics room, examination rooms, and telehealth offices. Designated labs will accommodate undergraduate nursing, public health, and advanced nurse practitioner training.

Project Elevate

Project Elevate will enhance the delivery of business programs in management, finance, marketing, sport management, cybersecurity management, and homeland security. The creation of a cybersecurity lab with advanced technology and the development of collaborative spaces for project-based learning will provide students with distinct advantages in their job searches and the ability to advance their careers.

An open, collaborative environment is an important component of the project. A modern, spacious conference room will welcome students, faculty, alumni, and visitors at the entrance to the Division of Business and Security Studies office suite. The Enterprise Zone will offer plenty of “huddle space” and will foster exciting opportunities for interaction and innovation.

Rivier’s Office of Information Technology will share the lower level of Sylvia Trottier Hall. New offices, collaboration and workspaces, mechanical, electrical, and network rooms will be created for IT support personnel and technical services. Students will benefit from an IT Support Center offering an exceptional in-person tech support experience.

Our Mission is your Mission

Do you share our belief that together we can do more? That while we have accomplished much, there is always more to do? If you share these beliefs, then our mission is your mission. Our time is now, let’s reach higher and better together.

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Transform nursing education

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