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Rivier University championed as a College of Distinction

As an institution whose primary goals are based on student success, Rivier University has been honored as one of the renowned Colleges of Distinction.

Rivier earned this recognition for the excellence exhibited in the classroom, incorporating High-Impact Practices throughout every student’s undergraduate education. Such student-centered programs include first-year seminars, community-based learning programs, service-learning programs, alternative Spring Breaks, diversity and global learning programs, collaborative assignments and projects, undergraduate research, common intellectual experiences, capstone projects, study abroad programs and internships.

“Rivier University walks the walk,” said Tyson Schritter, Chief Operating Officer for Colleges of Distinction. “Colleges of Distinction knows that a truly valuable education can’t be measured by rank or reputation. Students learn and thrive best when they embrace hands-on learning in a vibrant, welcoming community. That’s why it’s so encouraging to find Rivier University take such an innovative approach with its curriculum: its High-Impact Educational Practices ensure that the undergraduate experience is worthwhile and unique.”

Colleges of Distinction’s selection process consists of detailed interviews and research for each institution’s freshman experience and retention efforts alongside its general education programs, career development, strategic plan, student satisfaction, and more. Schools are accepted on the basis that they adhere to the Four Distinctions: Engaged Students, Great Teaching, Vibrant Community, and Successful Outcomes.

“Colleges of Distinction doesn’t rank schools, because we know that every student is different in what they need to best learn, grow, and succeed,” said Schritter. “Instead, we value schools that embrace those differences. Rivier University puts the student experience first, providing all the tools and opportunities they need to become lifelong learners who are ready to take on any challenge in today’s ever-evolving society.”

In addition to being selected as a College of Distinction, Rivier has received program-specific recognition in Business, Nursing, and Education after a thorough curriculum review on such qualities as accreditation, breadth of program, and a record of accomplishment. These Field of Study awards acknowledge Rivier’s investment in educational experiences that foster student engagement, innovation, and critical thinking.

Finally, Rivier University received a Career Development award for providing students with unparalleled support throughout every stage of career exploration, development, and application. Rivier is the only New Hampshire college or university to receive this distinction.

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