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Alumni on the Front Lines | Kathleen Souleotis

Using technology and creative solutions help Kathleen Souleotis ’99G and her team provides home care to COVID-19 positive patients.

Kathleen Souleotis is a registered nurse who earned her MBA at Rivier and is now the Clinical Manager for Partners Health Care at Home, a home care agency that is currently treating COVID-19 positive patients in their homes.

Kathleen is responsible for ensuring her team of 35 clinicians have the tools and skills they need to care for patients, which she admits can be challenging. “We are working with limited PPE equipment and are exposed to entire families infected with the virus,” she said. “I feel fortunate to have such a dedicated team of nurses, therapists, and social workers who have taken on the challenge. They have learned a multitude of new tasks in a short period of time.”

“I ensure they are competent in infection control and have the equipment they need to do the job. I have provided daily updates and have created a PPE supply distribution program. Staff no longer need to come into the office to get supplies. Orders are placed biweekly and distributed at designated drop off sites.”

Technology has played a critical role in helping staff provide care during social distancing. Kathleen and her team use email, telephone, or video conferencing to communicate. “Patients are also offered telephone and virtual visits to decrease the frequency of staff entering their homes. One of my roles is to educate staff on how to use technology via their laptop or phones.”

Kathleen has also worked to keep members of her team employed as the number of patients has decreased and the need for physical therapy has declined. “This is a direct result of a decrease in elective surgeries and patients’ fears of anyone entering their homes,” she told us. “Alternate tasks have been given to physical therapists that support the team and patients.” Despite the challenges, Kathleen is proud of her staff and how they have come together to continue to treat patients. “We have done well as a team supporting each other both emotionally and professionally.”

Thank you to Kathleen and her entire team for the work they do to ensure that those in need continue to receive the care they deserve!