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Rivier University launches B.S. in Computer Science and 4+1 programs

The B.S. in Computer Science degree creates new opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Rivier University’s Fall 2024 degree offerings will include new programs featuring a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. Students will have the opportunity to tailor their B.S. in Computer Science degree to their career interest by selecting a concentration in Data Science, Cybersecurity, Software Development, or Game Programming. The University will also offer a computer science 4+1 program that enables students to earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science in just five years.

“The powerful influence of technology underscores its status as the fastest-growing global industry,” says Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM, Rivier’s President. “The degree concentrations enable students to explore and focus on their individual areas of interest and advance toward personally and professionally rewarding careers.”

B.S. in Computer Science - Rivier UniversityThe B.S. in Computer Science program curriculum provides students with an understanding of computer systems and significant project experience in programming, networking, operating systems, software engineering, databases, and web development. In addition to developing skills in these areas, students will gain a knowledge of professional practices that allows them to strengthen their skills and explore the ethical dimensions of advancing technologies.

The new undergraduate program will complement Rivier’s established Master of Science in Computer Science program, which enrolls hundreds of graduate students annually. Students who pursue the 4+1 program will be prepared to quickly advance their careers—qualifying for positions of greater responsibility and leadership well in advance of their peers.

“Rivier’s location in the high-tech hub of Greater Nashua, New Hampshire, offers students a distinct advantage,” says Dr. John Glossner, Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Rivier’s Mathematics and Computer Science Department. “The computing internships and diverse job opportunities in our area enhance the preparation and success of our graduates.”

Detailed program and course information are available at Prospective students are encouraged to apply and visit the University. To schedule a visit or speak with an Admissions Counselor, contact the Office of Admissions at (603) 897-8507 or