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Alumni on the Front Lines | Mailaja Mohammed

Mailaja Mohammed ’16G is a nurse practitioner seeing an increase in the number of COVID-19 positive patients at Holy Family Hospital in Methuen.

Nurse practitioner Mailaja Mohammed ’16G, who earned a Master’s of Science in Nursing, is seeing firsthand the impacts of COVID-19 on the healthcare community at the hospitals he serves. He shared that Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, Massachusetts is seeing an increase of patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Mailaja emailed us after a shift last week and said, “Tonight I was the admitting nurse practitioner and most of the patients coming through with respiratory symptoms are COVID-19 positive.”

Mailaja also works at Southern NH Medical Center in Nashua where he says they have not seen a surge of patients but are making plans nonetheless. “There are re-deployment plans to move many of us, including myself, to the Emergency Room to help when the surge happens. We are well prepared but we hope we do not see the surge come to fruition. Keep us all in your prayers.” Thank you for the work you do, Mailaja, and for providing critical care during these times. We will keep you in our prayers!