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Alumni on the Front Lines | Joan Widmer

Alumna Joan Widmer ’05 works to keep NH informed during COVID-19.


Alumna Joan Widmer ’05 is the Nurse Executive Director of the New Hampshire Nurse Association (NHNA). She is currently working in her home office, staying safe and practicing social distancing. Joan has been keeping New Hampshire nurses informed regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  “The NHNA is addressing concerns raised from nurses around the state, staying informed on COVID-19 updates from the CDC, NH Department of Health and Human Services and the and America Nurses Association and communicating this information through e-flashes and our website,” Joan told us.  “Through a survey to our listserveof over 10,000 nursing professionals, we collected and shared the names of over 600 nurses willing to volunteer in the fight against COVID-19. We are responding to calls from the media and we are also working on a public service announcement featuring nurses encouraging the public to stay home, practice social distancing and good hand washing.” We appreciate Joan and all the nursing, medical, and public health officials who are working together to keep our communities safe!