• Title:
    Associate Professor of Education
  • Department:
    Education and Counseling

Diane Monico



Dr. Diane Monico has been an educator for over 27 years. She began her education career as a middle school English Language Arts teacher. In addition to serving as Program Director for all undergraduate and graduate teacher certification programs and the Education Administration program, Dr. Monico serves as the Certification Officer for the Division of Education.

Her practical experience in the K-12 classroom environment serves to ground her work with teacher candidates. Her research interests include online learning and student-teacher performance. Her recent work highlights her understanding of assessment and the relationship of assessment with teaching and learning.


  • Ph.D., Capella University
  • M.A./M.A.T., Rivier College
  • B.A., Rivier College


  • Teacher Preparation
  • Assessment
  • K-12 Teaching and Learning
  • Online Learning
  • Student Teacher Performance

Courses Taught

  • ED 102 Issues and Influences in Education
  • ED 110 Teaching, Technology, Learning Environment
  • ED 150 Foundations of Secondary Education
  • ED 342 Methods of Teaching English Language Arts in Secondary Grades
  • ED 537 Curriculum Methods and Assessment
  • ED 642 Methods of Teaching English Language Arts in Secondary Grades

Recent Publications and Proceedings

  1. Curriculum Mapping: Creating a Path to Meaningful Learning with Regina Ruotolo (August 2018)
  2. The Turn Toward Outcomes: Institution-Level Goals and How We Accomplish Them with Doug Howard and Mark Meehan (September 2018)
  3. Lector Training: Posture, Intonation, and Fluency (November 2014)
  4. Transfer Impact: Online Course Participation (November 2010)
  5. Monico, D., A study of the transfer impact of online course participation on constructivist practices in preservice teacher performance. Ph.D. dissertation, Capella University, United States – Minnesota. Retrieved September 7, 2010, from Dissertations & Theses @ Capella University. (Publication No. AAT 3412482).