Collection Development Policy

The Library Director has the ultimate responsibility for the contents of the library and access to library licensed electronic resources. In practice, the Assistant Director for User Services is responsible for the evaluation, selection, and licensing of electronic resources, while the Assistant Director for Technical Services is responsible for the print and non-print resources housed in the Library.

The Library uses a Liaison model to facilitate the development of Library collections that are responsive to the needs of faculty and students. As implemented, each Academic Department and Program is assigned a Liaison Librarian whose responsibility it is to maintain a meaningful connection between students, faculty, and the library.

Responsibility for selection of materials is shared between the faculty and the Librarian through the cooperative Liaison relationship. Faculty recommendations for Library purchases are encouraged. Liaisons frequently send information on potential selections to the faculty for their review. Liaison Librarians share responsibility for selection by making appropriate purchases based on their knowledge of college curriculum and the research needs of faculty and students.

Updated 6/14/13