Construction Timeline

Follow the pictorial progress of construction from groudbreaking to the completed renovation. (Link coming soon!)

June 13, 2008

The newly expanded and renovated Regina Library officially opened today.  The occasion was marked by the Regina Library Celebration and Donor Reception celebrating the opening of the new wing and the renovation of Regina Library.  The celebration featured welcoming remarks from Dr. Jamison Hoff, Chair of the Rivier College Board of Trustees; a prayer by Sr. Jeanne Perreault, p.m.; an introductory talk by President William Farrell; and the official recognition of the Conway Family and the Thomas Richardson Family, major donors to the library project.  Following the speakers were a champagne toast and tours of the new and renovated spaces.

 April 22, 2008

A few updates:

- Due to various construction delays, the renovated side of the library (the old part) will not be open until the last week of May or first week of June. Thank you very much for your patience.

- The book and video stacks will remain closed until mid-May. Please submit your book or video requests to library staff for retrieval.


 April 11, 2008

Hello Everyone,

A sure sign of spring is the renewal of the site work around the Library. Many of you have been in during the past several weeks to see the wonderful new spaces created in the Library addition and I'm sure everyone is counting the weeks until the project is complete. We are still on schedule for completion in early May thanks to Harvey Construction's efforts to keep pushing through a very difficult winter.

Next Tuesday, 4/15, we will begin the final stage of the work in Clement Street. This part of the project will not involve road closings however, there will be workers in the street and some lane restrictions while we raise main hole covers and set drains in preparation for final paving. Everyone should exercise caution while driving and walking through this area. Please be patient, it will all be over in a few short weeks! If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Rick Perrine
Rivier College, Facilities Director

 April 8, 2008

The end of February and all of March brought many changes to Regina Library. During spring break, the library staff moved offices, collections and equipment into the new addition. The move allowed the construction crews to begin work on renovating the original part of the library.

The move was mostly complete by the end of spring break, but work continued in the new portion of the library as students, faculty, and staff learned their way around the new building. During the first week after spring break, circulation and reference staff delivered services from folding tables until the new service desk area was complete. There was a lot of banging, sawing, and general noise during the first few weeks of March, but the results have been amazing. You can see some pictures of the library on the New Library page in the Photograph Section. 

Bright new furniture was delivered and is located throughout the occupied portions of the library; some of which will move over to the other side when renovations are complete. Comfortable seating is everywhere.

Presently, the new addition holds the reference room with expanded displays of new books and movies, a new electronic classroom/computer lab, two group studies, many small and large casual seating areas and new restrooms. Temporary offices for ILL and the Technical Services departments are located in the back of the reference room and atrium. These offices will be converted back to their intended uses as soon as the renovations are complete. The back of the atrium will soon become the library cafe and the back of the reference room will have more comfortable seating and reading space.

Renovating the original part of the library has been an interesting experience for library staff. The book and video stacks have been closed to library patrons since early March due to painting and renovations in the stacks. Library staff members still have access to the stacks and can retrieve materials for patrons. Much of the green paint visible form the old reference room was painted white, which creates an open and bright feeling to the stacks and the room. Electrical upgrades included new lights in the stacks make everything much brighter!

Many other changes to the original library space are also in progress. The loft in the old reference room has been closed off to create a new conference room. The old entrance has been built into a new seating area. Much of the library doesn't look the same at all, which you can see in the Renovation Work pictures in the Photograph Section. There are many more changes and improvements to come in April and May: the cafe, a new elevator, more group study space, a large quiet study, reading room, bright new stacks with better lighting and study carrels, and more restrooms.

Thank you for your patience as we proceed with this major undertaking. We all look forward to enjoying the complete library expansion project.

 February 25, 2008

Due to the library expansion project the computers in the Electronic Classroom are unavailable at this time, and the computers in the Reference Room will be unavailable as of Tuesday, February 26.

There are 2 computers available for use in Group Study One and 3 in Group Study Two (on the second floor) for the next few days, but they will be unavailable by the end of the week.

The computer labs at the Academic Computing Center in Sylvia Trottier Hall are open this week:

Monday - Friday   10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday             12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Sunday               12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work toward completing this process.

Dan Speidel
Library Director

 January 31, 2008

There have been many visible changes to the library in the last few months. The exterior of the building is quickly looking as it will when it is finished. The bricks are all up and windows were installed during the past week. Now as people drive by, they may catch a quick glimpse of the changes inside!

Inside the addition, the rooms are all clearly defined with drywall. Paint is beginning to appear, adding a finished look to many of the walls. The new elevator shaft is complete and work has begun on assembling the elevator.


The old portion of the library has also seen some changes. Over the holidays, the reference room was partially painted and new lights were installed. Soon, the stacks will be painted to cover up a lot of that old green paint. It is possible that the stacks will be painted over Easter Break, so many will not notice the temporary closing of those areas. The stacks may also be closed for a few days before the break; the library staff will keep everyone informed as we have more information.



 November 16, 2007

The reference room will be closed December 15 - January 13. The closure will allow the construction crew to begin renovating the ceiling in that room. The reference books will be unavailable during that time, but the videos and DVDs will be relocated to a different part of the library to allow continued access.


 November 12, 2007

There have been changes to the study space inside the library. Dan Speidel outlines the changes below:

A large staff work space behind the scenes at the library had to be turned over to the construction process, so we needed to move the staff members who worked in that space to the area below the loft in the back of the Reference Room. Also, the old Group Study Two on the second floor of the library is now unavailable to patrons, as the construction crew begins building the new bathrooms there that will serve patrons and staff during Phase II of the project, in the spring semester.

Group Study Two has a new home in the former Quiet Study, which it was next to. Unfortunately, this means that we do not have any study space in the library that is solely for quiet or silent study. However, there are definitely still areas in the library where patrons can find a quiet environment, depending on the time of the day and how much construction noise there is at the time! I would recommend the book stacks in particular. Additionally, at the Academic Computer Center on the bottom floor of Sylvia Trottier Hall there are some fairly quiet areas to study in, as well as the Dion Center, across the hall from the Campus Ministry offices.

We greatly appreciate everyone's patience with this process and please know that the finished result is going to be fantastic and well worth these temporary changes and inconveniences.


 November 6, 2007

Hello All,

As everyone is well aware, the construction and detours of Clement St. are still in progress. I'm sure you are all frustrated by the continued inconvenience this has been causing but rest assured it will come to an end shortly. There has been an extensive amount of infrastructure work done in the street that was not originally planned on but, in working with Keyspan Energy and the City of Nashua, we have completed replacement of 360 feet of gas main, 380 feet of sewer main and are now continuing on the replacement of close to 400 feet of storm water drainage lines.

The building itself is moving along on schedule. The exterior brick work is going up now and within a few weeks all the scaffolding will be down and you'll be able to really see what our new addition will look like. If the weather cooperates, the exterior patio area and Clement St sidewalks will be done before winter sets in and both vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be able to return to normal through that area.

The schedule currently calls for paving of the road prior to Thanksgiving. Detours will remain in effect daily until the pipe work is complete. We may have a few days between the completion of the pipe work and the actual paving of the road. If so, the road will be open during this time. Please continue to use caution in the construction area and direct any comments or questions to my office.

Thank you,

Rick Perrine
Rivier College, Facilities Director
v: 603-897-8206
f: 603-897-8881


 October 29, 2007


So far in October, the expansion has been moving along rapidly. Road construction is back in effect; daily detours continue while Clement Street is closed. The road is a series of excavation machines and holes so far, but each day progress is as visible as the rest of the site!


When you walk around the site, you will notice that the walls have gone up as well as a roof. The stairwell has also been installed and is visible from the left side of the building. The floors that had been distinguishable in September now have a frame to go with them giving the interior of the expansion distinct shape.


Inside Regina, water pressure returned to full capacity the week of October 12th. Soon, we will no longer have access to Group Study Two as they begin to build bathrooms in that space. Staff members who previously had workspace located in the back office have been moved to a temporary office under the loft in the reference room. The back office will be blocked off to allow construction crews to break down the wall and begin working on repurposing that space.


-contributed by Shannah Gingras, Library Graduate Assistant


 September 27, 2007


September has been a very busy month for the library expansion, both inside and outside.


The library staff bid farewell to the dumbwaiter earlier this month as work began on the new full sized elevator. Many books were moved off of their shelves to make way for a temporary wall to protect library patrons as the elevator shaft is being built. Many other books were shifted to make room for the displaced books on the shelves. Now library staff and patrons are patiently working through the noise of jackhammers drilling through the floors.


Each week brings something new and exciting to the construction site including various trucks, materials, and noises. It is amazing to see the building go from paper to structure in a matter of a few months. The structure for the expanded portion of the library is taking shape. Structural beams outlining the shape of the building are in place. Metal sheeting has been installed, showing the floors and ceilings of the new building.


Road work is underway to improve the drainage system. Clement Street has been closed during the day on and off over the past few weeks and will probably continue to be closed until the end of September.


 September 18, 2007

A message from Dan Speidel:

We have been informed by the construction team working on the Regina Library expansion and renovation that starting tomorrow Wednesday, September 19 and continuing periodically throughout the semester they will be doing some work in the stacks, adjacent to the main Reading Room that may be loud at times. This is the preliminary work to begin the long process of installing a full-size elevator. They will only be doing this work during the workday and should finish by late afternoon.

If quiet is important to you as you do your research or work on assignments in the library, you may want to find an alternate place to study when necessary. Computers are available for use at the Academic Computer Center in Sylvia Trottier Hall.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dan Speidel
Director, Regina Library


 August 31, 2007

Detailed information on the Clement St. road construction provided by Marketing & Communications.


 August 24, 2007

An update from Rick Perrine:

This is the latest news on the progress of construction at Regina Library:

There have been a few delays with regards to the work in Clement St but the problems have been worked out and this work will resume after Labor Day. As for the addition itself, things are progressing smoothly. The foundation is just about complete, underground heating lines are in the works, the new water service will be run shortly, and steel will be going up in early September. So far, the project is moving along on schedule.


We expect major work to begin again in Clement St during the week of 9/10. Therefore, there should be no disruption to traffic flow during Labor Day weekend while students are moving in or for the Academic Convocation on Tuesday or for the first few days of classes that week. 

The first phase will likely begin on the 10th with Keyspan starting to replace 300 feet of gas line. Harvey Construction will follow them with new catch basins and storm drainage. This work will entail daily closures of Clement St and appropriate detour signage will direct traffic around Main St to Orchard Ave and back to Clement St at the top of the hill. Our expectation is that the gas work will take about one week and the storm drainage an additional two weeks.

Clement St. will be open at night! Any excavation done during the day will be filled in at the end of the work day and the road will be passable over night. However, anyone driving or walking through the area should exercise caution until the area has been repaved.

I will send further details as we move along, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Rick Perrine
Facilities Director

 August 14, 2007

A brief update on all areas of the expansion project:


The old Facilities/Conference Services office building was demolished on Wednesday, July 25. (Pictures of the demolition coming soon.) Cement has been poured creating part of the foundation for the new section of the library.


The asbestos abatement has been completed and access to the print journals has been restored.


The first cut for a new door has been made on the Main Street side of the building. This will be the new entrance for deliveries and for those using wheelchairs and rolling handtrucks. A new ramp will be finished after the door is installed at the end of this week.


A question has been raised about the book collection and whether or not the expanded library will provide additional space for books. More space for books will be created by relocating the print journals to new shelving in the back of the current reference room. The books will be shifted from the second and third floors to allow for more book storage on all three floors.


 July 19, 2007

An update from Rick Perrine:

Hello all;

As I had advised last week, there will be major work happening in the lower end of Clement St, from the maintenance shop to the intersection with S. Main St. Much of this work will involve closing the street and detouring traffic around that area during daytime hours. However, the schedule has moved back slightly from my last notice.

The initial work will begin next week with the demolition of the old Facilities/Conference Service office building at 2 Clement St. Additionally, the contractors will be out in the street cutting pavement in preparation for storm drainage excavation. The should be no road closures or detours next week although traffic may be held up off and on for a few minutes at a time.

Excavation work is expected to start the week of 7/30, probably on the morning of Tuesday, 7/31,  with the detours during the day.

We will keep everyone updated as the work progresses.

Thank you,

Rick Perrine
Facilities Director

 July 2007

Outside, the excavation was completed in early July. The construction crews have begun to build the foundation for the basement and the rest of the expansion.


Inside, the asbestos abatement for the first floor of the stacks began on July 16. The abatement is a very involved process. To start, a moving crew was called in to pack up and store a portion of the print journals in another part of the library. The rest of the journals were wrapped in plastic to protect them from the abatement process. The print journals were closed off from the rest of the library, creating a plastic bubble around the area with the asbestos under the tiles. The tiles will be removed, the air tested, and then access will be granted back into that section of the library. The rest of the library is safe to be in throughout the abatement process.


As part of this process, there is a new traffic pattern in the library. To get to the second and third floors of the stacks, patrons must go up the stairs by the entrance to the library, through Group Study Two, through a portion of the staff area, and onto the second floor of the stacks. Signs have been posted to help guide everyone through this temporary maze.


Some of the library staff have been relocated to different areas of the library. The reference staff has moved to the temporary office on the second floor loft to allow the construction crew access to their old offices. The Circulation Coordinator’s office moved into the copy machine room so that her old space could be blocked off due to its close vicinity to the expansion work area. The copy machines have been relocated to Group Study One. Temporary walls have been built in the back of the library to block access to construction as work gets underway on the new elevator shaft.


 July 13, 2007

In an email to the Rivier College community, Rick Perrine writes: 

Hello All,
In the coming weeks Harvey Construction will be doing some extensive work at the lower end of Clement Street as part of our Library renovation project. They will be excavating to replace the storm water drainage system from just below the maintenance shop to the intersection of Clement and South Main St. This work will provide vastly improved drainage in an area that has been prone to flooding problems for years.

Unfortunately, along with the long term improvements will come short term inconvenience. While the work is underway, this section of Clement St will be closed to traffic during regular working hours. Vehicles will be detoured around the area by signage consistent with any City road project. The excavation will be filled in or covered with steel plates to allow normal traffic during the evening, weekend, and overnight periods.

This work is scheduled to begin near the end of next week however street closure is not likely to begin until the week of 7/23. The process is expected to take approximately 3 weeks but there may be some days during this time when street closure is not required.

I will provide an update with further details early next week. If you have any questions about this phase of the project please feel free to reply to this email or call my office.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Rick Perrine
Facilities Director

 June 2007

June was a busy month of construction at Regina Library. Crews were out preparing the site by removing trees and the sidewalks around the old Facilities and Conference Services house. New fences have been put in place to help keep everyone safe while the construction continues. During the last few weeks of June, the crew was removing huge piles of dirt from the yard.


Inside, plans were made to begin relocating staff members from areas that will be part of the first phase of construction.


 May 2007

Changes on Clement Street: Library Construction

Q. How will the library construction affect traffic on campus?
A. Director of Facilities Management Rick Perrine says there will be limited access to the maintenance shop, the bookstore, and Guild Hall—there will be one way in and out. Some foot traffic between Guild and the library will be restricted, but the sidewalk will remain open. A temporary sidewalk will be installed on Clement Street. “When the project is finished, there will be a one-way driveway around the shop, all paved. It will provide a nicer transition for students coming from the Dion Center across the street to Mendel.”

Q. Will the library be closed?
A. The library will remain open throughout the construction process.

Q. Where will the expansion be built?
A. The addition will be built in the space on Clement Street between the existing library and the Maintenance Shop. The building that houses Conference Services will be demolished; Rick Perrine, Barbara Kokoszka and Nola Beane will move to 11 Oldfield Road.

Q. What will happen to the current library?
A. It will be completely renovated, including new windows, insulation, restrooms, elevators, and more.

Provided by the Marketing and Communications office

 Friday, May 4, 2007

Rivier breaks ground for an addition to Regina Library

On Friday, May 4, Rivier College held the groundbreaking ceremony for the new addition to Regina Library. Read more or view photographs.

Fall Semester 2006

Library Expansion Plans

Rivier College Faculty, Staff and Students -

As you have most likely heard, through the efforts of the College's Capital Campaign, the Regina Library is the beneficiary of a very generous donation from the Conway Family of Nashua. This donation will enable the College to create new spaces at the Library and also update existing areas.

As a part of the planning process for these changes, the Library would appreciate receiving input from the Rivier community regarding your ideas for possible changes that could be made to the Library to meet patron needs.

You are welcome to send me an email with your suggestion(s). My email address is

We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Thank you -
Dan Speidel


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