Rivier University, 1933-2012

The Passing Scene
For many, the journey has traversed decades.
For others, the journey has scarcely begun.
For all, the journey has been transforming.




-Formal opening of Rivier College in Hudson, NH. Founded by Sr. Madeleine of Jesus, p.m. with 7 faculty and 3 students

1934 -Rivier College enrolls 24 students: 19 residents and 5 commuters
1935 -Pope Pius XI bestows his Papal Blessing on Rivier College
-New Hampshire State Legislature formally charters the College
1936 -First degree conferred on BEd transfer student, June Fortune
1937 -First Commencement exercises with 3 students receiving degrees
-First issue of College News
1938 -College granted permission to accept international students
-Centennial anniversary celebration of the death of Vunerable Mother Anne-Marie Rivier
1940 -Visit by author Mrs. Corinne Rocheleau Rouleau, who later donated her personal collection to Regina Library
1941 -Transfer of Rivier College campus from Hudson to Nashua, NH
-The new campus includes 4 tracts of land with 4 buildings
1942 -Visit of Cardinal Villeneuve of Quebec following his visit with the Oblate Fathers in Hudson, NH
1943 -Expansion of College in Molloy Hall for classes
1944 -Installation of Our Lady - Queen of the Campus in the Sunken Garden behind Madeleine Hall
1945 -Launching of the Rivier College Guild
-First building constructed on campus: Auditorium/Classrooms (now Memorial Hall)
-First graduation on campus
1946 -Expansion with the construction of St. Joseph Annex for chemistry lab and rooms
-Departure of Sr. Madeleine of Jesus for France, who returned in the autumn of 1947
1947 -Visit of Vatican Prelate: Cardinal Tisserant
1948 -College accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges
1949 -Construction of the first brick building on campus - Auditorium & classrooms
-Former auditorium becomes Chapel
1950 -First issue of the Rivier Literary Magazine
1951 -Expansion with the renovation of the cafeteria
1952 -Organization of the Graduate Division
1953 -New Hampshire Legislature grants Rivier charger to confer Masters degrees
1954 -Dr. Jeannette E. Vidal ('37) awarded Magnificat Medal by Cardinal Stritch
1955 -Golden Jubilee of Sr. Madeleine of Jesus, Foundress of Rivier College
1956 -Grant received from the Ford Foundation
1957 -Gift of the Monsignor Gilbert's book collection to the Library
1958 -Celebration of Rivier's 25th anniversary: Sr. Madeleine of Jesus was the Guest of Honor and Mrs. Rose Kennedy was the Keynote speaker
1959 -Regina Library and Mendel Hall built
1960 -Guild Hall, a dorm for resident students, was constructed
-Alumnae Office established; College has approximately 1,200 alumnae
1962 -Louis Pasteur Hall was built with chemistry and physics labs
1964 -Construction of Trinity Hall, a dorm for resident students, and Dion Center
-First Humanities series offered to the public
-First Honorary degrees awarded at Commencement
1965 -Death of Sr. M. Madeleine of Jesus, p.m., Foundress of Rivier College
1966 -First R-AID Day begun by Susan Zator '66
1967 -Construction of Adrienne Hall Administration building
1972 -First study abroad for French, Art & Civilization students
1976 -Presentation Hall was constructed as a Sisters' residence (now used as a student residence)
1981 -Non-Traditional students begin studies
-First Alumni Association craft fair was held 
1982 -New wing and renovations completed in Memorial Hall
1983 -Celebration of Rivier's Golden Jubilee
-Nursing programs introduced with the establishment of a collaborative venture with St. Joseph Hospital
1984 -Muldoon Health and Fitness Center constructed
1986 -Credit for prior learning initiated
1989 -Rivier partners with Sunset Heights Elementary School in Nashua "Adopt-a-School" program
1990 -Buddy Program & Project H.U.G. initiated
-First "Heritage Day"
1991 -School of Undergraduate Studies becomes co-educational with 35 men enrolled as full time students
1993 -Construction of the Education Center
1994 -Education Center dedicated by Bishop Leo O'Neil, Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire
-Peace & Justice series launched
1996 -Bi-Centennial celebration of the Founding of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary
-Project "So-Prepared" (a service learning program) initiated
-College on World Wide Web

-Sr. Lucille Thibodeau, p.m. appointed 10th President
-Outreach for Black Unity Partnership Charter signed
-Elderhostal at College
-RISE (Rivier Institute for Senior Education) program began
-First edition of Rivier Community Chronicles
-Annex added to Louis Pasteur Hall and renamed Sylvia Trottier Hall

1998 -Dedication of the Sylvia Trottier Hall by Bishop Francis Christian, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of NH
-Academic structure reformated from 4 to 2 schools
-Sr. Helen Prejean speaks about the death penalty
-Renovation of Molloy Hall for Administration
1999 -Maya Angelou speaks about her life experiences
2000 -Construction of New Dorm for resident students
2001 -Sr. Lucille Thibodeau steps down as College President
2002 -Enchanged Forest dedicated at the Early Childhood Center
-First lay President appointed: Dr. William Farrell, PhD.
-Inauguration of the 11th President on August 26, 2002
2003 -Rivier celebrates Seven Decades of Excellance!
-Seminar Series - Living the Mission - begun
2004 -Rivier’s first ever capital campaign
-Richard Harrington retires after 39 years of teaching biology at Rivier
-Oct 14, environmental activist RFK, Jr. brings his message to Rivier
-New campus signage is unveiled
2005 -An accelerated executive M.B.A program in organizational leadership is offered
-Collaboration between New Horizons and Rivier College is established
-For the first time Rivier honors a charitable organization versus an individual at Commencement
-Rivier’s Raiders unveil a new athletics logo
-Rivier continues to add to its online classes
-Rivier lauches its new website
-Rivier celebrates the 20th anniversary of its nursing programs
2006 -The McLean Center for Finance and Economics was opened within the College’s Academic Computer Center in Sylvia Trottier Hall
2007 -Construction of new wing and renovation of the existing Regina Library
-New five-year Psychology Program is launched
2008 -Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the foundation of the College
-Lasting Impressions, a Buy-a-Brick project is launched by the Office of Development & Alumni Relations
-Launching of the first doctoral degree Ed.D
2009 -Renovation of Athletic Field: installation of artificial turf, introduction of men and women lacrosse and women field hockey
-Opening of the new Clinical Psychology Lab
-Updates made at both Trinity Hall and Guild Hall
-Two facebook pages were initiated: one for alumni and one for prospective students
-Fritz Wetherbee, reporter for WMUR TV’s New Hampshire Chronicle was the Commencement speaker May 16, 2009
-Sr. Lucille Thibodeau, p.m publishes Crucible and Charism: a biography of Sr. M. Madeleine of Jesus, p.m. founder of Rivier College-The Ed.D classes begin in the fall semester. 

-Rose H. Arthur, Th.D. retired as Executive Director of RISE (Rivier Institute for Senior Education)
-The Muldoon Center expansion is completed
-President William Farrell, PhD., announces his plan to retire at the end of the 2010-2011 school year
-A Presidential Search Committee is established
-Rivier establishes an online academic calendar
-Dr. Joseph Allard, Vice-President for Academic Outreach, retires
-Rivier hosts visiting faculty from universities in China
-Online courses become available to Rivier students


-Dr. William Farrell retires as President of Rivier College
-On August 1, 2011, Sr. Paula Marie Buley, IHM, is inaugurated as the 12th President of Rivier College
-Sr. Cecile Gamache retires as Assistant Finance Director


-On July 1, Rivier College officially becomes Rivier University                                                            

Updated 7/10/12