Grad Class Gift Challenge

A tradition of giving back

The Grad Class Gift Challenge recognizes the generosity of graduating students as they give back to the University in support of current and future students. The mission of this long-standing tradition is to provide students an opportunity to start their legacy of giving to the University. This gift is one way students can demonstrate their pride in becoming a River graduate and recognize their transition from student to a member of the University’s Alumni Association.

Each graduating class is challenged to surpass the participation of the previous year’s graduates. Traditionally graduates make donations of $20.18 or more in honor of their Rivier graduation year.

   Recognizing a united spirit!
All graduating students who support the Grad Class Gift Challenge will receive a recognition cord to wear with academic attire at Commencement in May. The cord symbolizes the united spirit of the graduating class and is a sign of their support of Rivier University and the education they received. Students who make a donation will receive their cord either in person or by mail, prior to the Commencement ceremony.


Join your classmates and make your Grad Class Gift today! Making a gift is quick and easy and can be done in several ways:

Download a Grad Class Gift Challenge form.

  1. Make your gift in person at the Office of Student Activities or the Office of University Advancement and Alumni Relations in the Learning Commons. 
  2. Send your gift and the Grad Class Gift form by mail to:

           Rivier University
           Office of University Advancement and Alumni Relations
           420 S. Main Street
           Nashua, NH 03030
  3. Make your gift online.   
  4. Call the Office of University Advancement and Alumni Relations in the Learning Commons at (603) 897-8665 to make a gift by credit card over the phone.

Thank you for helping carry on this special Rivier tradition and for joining us in making your first gift to Rivier University through the Grad Class Gift Challenge.