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Rivier University Fund

Annual Fund LogoSupport of the Rivier University Fund directly benefits our students, increasing scholarship funding and providing access to the highest quality programs and resources. Every gift is important, strengthening the University's ability to attract high caliber students and faculty and supporting the case for additional funding from private and corporate foundations. 

Gifts from alumni contribute to advancing our alumni participation rate, an important factor in college and university rankings.Your gift says Rivier made a difference in your life and that you will help ensure the University continues to make a difference in the lives of its students today and into the future.

Donors are recognized for their support each year in the University's President Report of Donors. The fiscal year begins on July 1 and concludes on June 30. To learn how you can make a gift to Rivier, please click here

Online and Monthly giving
Making a gift to the Rivier University Fund online just takes seconds, but the impact of your support will last a lifetime. With automated monthly giving, you can set up a recurring donation allowing you to divide your annual gift into monthly installments. You can easily start, stop, or change your gift at any time. You can also make a memorial or honorary donation, recognizing an individual of importance in your life. To make a one-time online gift or set up a monthly recurring gift, visit

Choose your area of impact
When you give to the Rivier University Fund, you help the University deliver its mission of transforming hearts and minds to serve the world. For each student, this transformation is different. Some find it in academics, others in semesters abroad, still others through athletics. Like our students, we know that certain areas of your life have had greater impact on you. That’s why we invite you to designate your donation where it is the most meaningful to you. Choose from the following areas:

Area of Greatest Need
Your gift supports the University’s greatest needs and is utilized where it will have the biggest impact based on current strategic priorities and initiatives.

Rivier prides itself on keeping education accessible and affordable for all students. Your scholarship gift will allow us to provide enhanced support to students, many of whom would not have the opportunity to attend Rivier without the assistance of alumni and friends.

Regina Library
Your gift to the Regina Library allows the University to provide access to the highest quality traditional and electronic resources for Rivier students, studying on campus and online. The Regina Library serves as the academic center of the campus and is integral in supporting students and faculty in achieving their curriculum goals.

Whether wearing a Raiders shirt on or off the field, our students wear their Riv colors with pride. Your gift to Athletics helps support team travel for regional and national competitions, health and fitness programs and resources, and much more!

Student Activities
Co-curricular and campus activities are a central part of the Rivier experience, providing students with opportunities for meaningful growth outside the classroom. Your gift supports programming and opportunities that enrich students’ lives and provide a foundation for their commitment to leadership and service to the local community and beyond.