Vision 2020, Higher and Better

Altiora et Meliora ... it's our Latin motto, and it translates to Higher and Better. This is what we strive for everyday. Our Vision 2020 set a course for an innovative future as we strive to reach higher and better while providing a distinctive educational experience that uniquely prepares students for career success.

Rivier has transformed hearts and minds to serve the world for more than 85 years and has made a difference in the lives of thousands of graduates. We are proud of the work we have done throughout the past eight decades, but we know there is more we can do.

Together, we can reach higher and better.

We can reach higher and better for our graduates launching careers with real-world skills, for our families seeking critical healthcare for loved ones of all ages, for our schools shaping young hearts and minds, and for our communities struggling to overcome the impact of addiction on families. We can do more, but we can’t do it without you.

Vision 2020 Focuses on Investments in Key Areas

Innovation in the Sciences

The commitment and vision of many brought to life a Science and Innovation Center truly worthy of the teaching and learning that takes place inside. The facility opened in September 2020 and will transform the student experience for decades to come.

Transforming the Game-Day Experience

We have transformed our athletics field into a stadium, providing competitive experiences that will shape our student-athletes' lives and serve as an investment in our city's youth and families throughout Greater Nashua.

Our mission is your mission

Do you share our belief that together we can do more? That while we have accomplished much, there is always more to do? If you share these beliefs, then our mission is your mission. Our time is now, let’s reach higher and better together.

Contact us today to discuss Vision 2020 projects and your support.

Vision 2020 has become a reality with the construction of the Athletics Pavilion and the Science and Innovation Center. Rivier is now an even more attractive option for a family seeking a unique value of an affordable, first-class education and preparation for a rewarding future.

Dana Blades, Class of 2012, describes his senior project as critical to landing his first professional position in the pharmaceutical industry at Lonza Biologics, a worldwide supplier of biopharmaceuticals. Today he is a Senior Manager of Quality Assurance at Codiak Biosciences. He credits Rivier with his professional success and for developing his work ethic, troubleshooting skills, patience and persistence in experimentation. Your support of our Science and Innovation Center will support exceptional students like Dana and ensure they are ready to launch careers in today's competitive workforce.

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