Information Technology

DITY (Do IT Yourself)

Getting a new computer system can be an exciting, but challenging, experience. Here are some helpful tips on saving your files, printers, mapped drives, email, and favorite websites from your old computer to your new one.

Profile Data Files 
How you can move your "My Documents" folder, any files kept on your desktop, and your Internet Explorers favorites, from your XP machine to your Windows 7 machine.

Mapped Drives 
How you can map your Network Drives.

Using the Printing System 

Connect a Printer
How to connect the computer you are using to one or more printers.

Disconnect a Printer
How to disconnect the computer you are using from a printer.

Archived E-Mail (PST) files 
If you have any archived e-mail stored locally on your machine, you will need to move the .PST files to your "P:" drive in order to move the mail to your new machine. Use the following procedure to save the files to your P: Drive.

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