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Improving IT Communication

4/24/2012 5:20:35 PM

First, I want to thank the community for completing the survey we recently sent to everyone.  It has once again given me the opportunity to see what we do through your eyes!

One of the 'trends" I saw was that we need to improve our communications with you.  Some of you think we (okay. . . I) send you too much information.  Others think I send too little.  And some think it's just right.  While that sounds like a mixed message, I see it as simply a call to find a better way!  That's what this blog is all about. 

In the future, I will send much shorter email messages and I'll link back to this blog.  Additionally, I will post them to the Rivier University IT page on facebook.  That way there will be a short message and a more detailed message!  Hopefully everyone will be satisfied!

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