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We the people of the Student Government Association strive to uphold the Rivier University mission statement of dedication to higher education, in attempt to transform the hearts and minds of students to better serve the world. The Student Government Association maintains a spirit which reflects the voice and thoughts of the student body. In addition, the Student Government Association promotes networking and collaboration among students, faculty, staff and the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. 

The Student Government Association of Rivier University is the liaison between the undergraduate student body and the faculty and staff. We strive to provide the students answers to conflicts on campus and be a present support system to other clubs and organizations. We aim to improve student life as a whole and provide unity on campus. 

SGA Executive Board 
This group of seven elected students supervises the functions and funding for the University's clubs, organizations, classes and publications through the appropriation of the Student Activities Fee (all students pay this fee each semester) and through regular meetings with each club President.

Student Senate 
This group of students, voted into office by their constituents, represents all full time undergraduate day students. Dealing with issues that affect the University community, they address parking, food services, University governance, serve as the student voice in decision-making and tuition increases, and address any other issue affecting student life on campus. Student Government Association offices are located in the Dion Center. E-mail the SGA at with any complaints, concerns, or questions.

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Officers for 2015-2016
Executive Board

President: Michael Carr
Vice President: Ryan Robertson
Secretary: Lindsay Francoeur
Treasurer: Matt Hussey
Club Liaison: Joshua Muench
Publicity Officer: Megan Munroe

Parliamentarian: Mackenna Murtagh

Student Senate
Senators At Large: Rory Matthews, Samantha Lees
Resident Senators: Emily Olson, Megan Accornero
Commuter Senators: Hailey Rousseau,. Nadia Gharakhani
Class of 2016 Senators: Ashley Mulvey, Nicole Henri
Class of 2017 Senators: Anna Davis, Brooke Davis
Class of 2018 Senators: Katherine Mills
Class of 2019 Senators: Aimee Tinney, Catrina Sylvia

Advisor: Paula Randazza

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