Choosing to Report

Reporting to the University

An incident of sexual violence can be reported to any employee of Rivier University.  The individual who receives the report will maintain your privacy to the greatest extent possible, but they will be required to pass the information onto the Title IX coordinator and/or Public Safety.  For more information on private versus confidential reporting please click here.

When pursuing a complaint through the university, the complainant may choose to follow the Formal or Informal process.

Formal Process

  • Investigation into the incident
  • Hearing where both parties present their case separately to the Hearing Board.
  • Sanction (if any) and notification to all parties involved of the results from the hearing
  • Either party may appeal the resolution to the hearing to VP of Student Affairs

Informal Process

  • Opportunity for complainant to confront the accused in presence of presiding officer
  • Complainant can elect to move to a formal process at any time before the informal process concludes
  • Cannot be used to resolve sexual assaults as the university is obligated to pursue a formal resolution for the protection of the university community as a whole.

Because of the serious nature of acts of sexual violence, the judicial process has been modified to insure that such cases are pursued with sensitivity as well as fairness. University regulations specifically prohibit the harassment, abuse, threat, or intimidation of any witnesses or party to an incident. As a matter of policy, the University informs the complainant in these cases their right to also pursue appropriate remedies in the state judicial system.

For further specifics into these reporting processes and procedures please read the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policies and Procedures for Grievances and Complaints in the Student Handbook.



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