Choosing to Report

Confidential Reporting Versus Private Reporting

Confidential Reporting
Confidential reporting refers to reporting an incident of sexual violence to an individual who is not obligated by law to report the incident to the University.  These individuals include the Counseling and Wellness Center, Brother Paul the campus Chaplain and medical providers.

Private Reporting
Private reporting refers to other individuals who are obligated by law to report the incident to the University and/or legal system but will not disclose this information to anyone else outside of the required University and/or legal officials.

Aside from the confidential reporting options listed above, all other University offices and employees will maintain your privacy to the greatest extent possible.  The information you provide to a non-confidential resource will be relayed only as necessary for the Title IX Coordinator and/or Public Safety to ensure victim/survivors safety, awareness of resources, and reporting options

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